Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Showers Mug Rug Hop

Is with a heavy heart that I dropped out of April showers mug rug hop. We received the news this last week that these next days will be my dad's last. The only good thing is that he is unaware of his situation. He fell into a coma about 36 hours after going to the VA for a checkup which was 3 1/2 weeks ago. He was having issues with falling and confusion with what we thought was Parkinson's. The VA drs thought he had an infection of some sort and ran every test possible at least twice I think. No stroke, no additional seizures. When nothing presented, they looked elsewhere. Turns out he has inoperable bladder cancer and no one knew till last week. It is so advanced it has spread to his spine which was probably the cause of the jerky shakiness, confusion and shuffling feet Drs thought was Parkinson's diagnosed in October. We are spending his last days with him. I'm sorry I had to drop out. When life gets back to somewhat normal I will go back and read the rest of the stitch me up posts i missed and the April showers posts too. I miss all of blog land haven't been here for weeks. This should really be a happy time my middle daughter gets married first weekend in May but its all rather somber and I feel bad for her too. Best to all of you, don't forget to tell your loved ones how much you care, sometimes the chance slips away before you know it. Cyndi. I don't have my laptop with me its at home, so I can't link up schedule. I don't even know how to make this a link back to Erin from my phone.. copy and paste for schedule

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MY part of Stitch me up patterns

I'm so sorry dad is in hosp, not well at all and I have been absent from net sometimes even work, Thank you for all the nice comments they mean a lot and I'm sorry I haven't had time to respond......but I did read them off my phone a few here and there....Mara reminded me this morning that I forgot to post a link to MY portion only of the stitch me up patterns............  They are for you not to re-sell..........have fun play experimenting with different threads, number of strands even mixing colors of strands etc most of all have fun!!  NOTE:  you may want to look through it BEFORE printing it.....has LOTS of pages, lol!!! you may only print what you want to play with :)  see below for link.  Have a great day..