Thursday, February 16, 2012


I hope you tried some twilling by now, here's a simple FAT CAT for you to try. 
I would try twilling the main parts of the cat with three strands of regular floss, and use regular stitches for the face details with 2 strands, but is up to you. If you don't twill, stitch him however you please.  If you would like to learn to twill , click on the words see this post   Just something quick and fun, a great stitch to know.  Its a very cool, textured stitch, see my header.
Have fun!! cyndi


  1. Thanks for sharing the Fat Cat with us. May have to try twilling when I can find the time.

  2. thanks for the kitty, he looks like my fat boy! Im ready to try the twilling, a new one on me and I have a blue work project that seems a bit boring that doing part of it in the twilling will really make it stand out better. Thanks for the good instructions.

  3. I love the fat cats pattern too - but am having trouble printing it out. Shows up landscape, but I have set for portrait on my printer properties. Anyone else having problems??

    Cyndi - I sent you an email to order some pattern - did you get it?


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