Monday, June 25, 2012

Art is all about perspective........... and YOUR idea of what that means........ :)

I saw this picture from a PVQG quilt group in Brunswick and thought OOOOO I want to make a quilt like that. 

So I contacted Jessica at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop since she is in that quild (she and her mom have a super cute quilt shop filled with LOTS of quilty goodness) and asked her if it was an original or a pattern....  Yea.... I was in luck, it was a pattern.  (I wasn't going to have to figure it out on my own.)  Now my friends & family know I don't buy many patterns because I usually just wing it and do fine.  But I was feeling lazy and ....... yea lazy.  So Jessica sent it, and a box full of sew sweet goodness that I ordered!!!   When I opened the box first thing I grabbed was the pattern........... HMMM, something's wrong here................ here's the pattern........blocks tall and skinny.........

Helter Skelter by Abbey Lane Quilts

They were sort of the same but yet not quite, and no not just the colors, DH!!!

Like I said it's all about perspective................The quilt on the picture I had seen was held up on the SIDES not the top which I didn't really think about until I got the it took me a sec to realize what was wrong.  On it's side was the look I wanted.
So here is what I started last night of Helter Skelter
on the design wall from MY favorite  perspective.  

I am planning on 5 blocks wide by 8 or 9 blocks down.
Will be Top #8 for the summer,(aiming for twin sized on this).  I am in a sewing frenzy.  I just can't stop feeding my sewing machine.  It's been starved for real affection for a LONG time.  So I  have given it lots of love over the last 6 weeks.  :)    I may not post here very often.   But I am keeping up with most of your posts.  I am a sponge and reading and absorbing lots of quilty, stitchy, crafty things from blogs, you all are doing some fantastic things, keep it up!

Isn't it amazing how a 90 degree turn changes the perpsective.  How are things from your perpective......... try turning them on their side and take another look.  Cyndi


  1. That is funny about the orientation of the blocks. I ususally design my own patterns too, but sometimes it is so nice to just let someone else to all the figuring for you. I like your blocks so far. So, you going to twill in the sashing?

  2. I really like your version alot. Looks like a fun pattern.

  3. I like the bright colors you're using! And hello, my name is Cyndi and I love to stitch, too!

  4. Such a lovely pattern, I think I prefer it on its side too! Yours is going to look great with the fabrics you've chosen

  5. Wow can you only bee a part of the group if you are named Cyndi? HAHA I love your fabric choices, this one is going to be GREAT!!

  6. I like this pattern and the colors you are using. Hope to see at our next meeting.

  7. Hi Cyndi,

    this is looking great. Have to check the shop for the pattern.

    you have a very nice blog.



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