Friday, July 6, 2012

Karin challenged, she DARED me!

but not about this pic,
These are patriotic headbands I made last minute, literally, (it was a last minute thought,lol) for my youngest granddaughters, sorry no pics with them on their heads.  My camera is never where I need it and phone is just about as bad.
But they were cute little patriotic cornballs, one said she was a rock with that headband on and proceeded to jump around dancing with an air guitar,  then the other one started dancing too lol.... the rock star is 5, her sidekick cousin is 4!

This is about what Karin dared me to do.  (insert picture of scrap jar pieces/parts on design wall that the themostat sits in the middle of, lol)

sorry it's so fuzzy

Recently I've seen Scrap Jar Quilts pop up over the internet here and there.
 Beautiful and scrappy, they are.  And then I ran across Staci's Scrap Jar quilt she was starting with Karin and left a message and she said I had to go see Karin's progress, which of course I did and left a message there too.  Then Karin threw down a dare to this country girl......  And I accepted her challenge/DARE to do ONE..... I'll take that dare and do that times 9.  LOL!  Nine is the perfect size for 4 & 5yr old's picnic quilt!!   They're big blocks (16")!  BUT then due to my weird, silly habit of cutting and sewing, and cutting and sewing, and pressing some here, and trimming some there, then sewing more and NOT counting as I go, LOL.. really this is a seriously bad habit I have and it goes back for years, maybe forever.  
Anyway back to the Scrap jar blocks.........When I threw the parts up on the design wall to see what I had done and how they would look, I had 17 center blocks. ( I ONLY needed 9) Had trimmed HST's for about 3.5 blocks plus a few untrimmed and corners for most of the original 9 but not enough for all.  LMAO!!!!   Now I am now making 2 picnic quilts.  I have 17 centers, so why not.  So last night I sewed and sewed more pieces/parts (really, that is a word. lol)
Here's a glimpse of my crazy process..........

Cut some of the pieces/parts apart this am before pretty sure looking at the reds on the right, I may or may not have counted, again, if so, not accurately.  Seems to be more waaaay more reds LOL!!!!!!   What can I say I love to feed my sewing machine!! If there's extra, they'll get used for something, if not.......back to the cutting board with the blues, lol.
One time I lovingly cut of all sorts of purples & lavenders, hundreds, pale to dark parts for my middle daughters desired queen size purple kaleidescope quilt............. I have made 3 queen size quilts from those pieces and still have enough left for 2-3 more.  That has to be the worst case of overcutting I did and it still makes me laugh!! 
More later on a different day about the completion of the scrap jar blocks, for now HOP over to Staci, the Confused Quilter and Karin, Dirt Road Scrapper,'s blogs and see what they are up to. 
Have a great one !  Cyndi


  1. I have not heard of the scrap jar quilts. I like your blocks. off to see the other girl's stuff.

  2. Wow! That'll teach me to dare you again! Those are great! And I love the headbands - what a cute idea and it sounds like the girls had a ball with them. No scrap jar stitching for me this next week. Hope I don;t come back and have to come dig you out from your pile! :)

  3. There is something relaxing about cutting least for me and apparently for you. I usually end up overcutting too, but always better to have extra than not enough!

  4. Cute blocks - waiting for the finished tops. LOL


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