Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday sewing

I got 5 pillowcases made for some of Carrie P's (A Passion for Applique) friends, Melissa ? and Kristi, who are collecting them for soldiers. A very worthy cause.
And I finally got my retro flowers into blocks but became a couch potato when it came to sewing them into a top, horsing around making bean bags for daughters to play with their washer boards when they go to the KC Chiefs game on the 30th. They decided bean bags were a better option than the washers they usually play with friends. They won't roll under cars or dent any fenders, lol!


  1. You go girl. I appreciate your help and I am sure Melissa and Kristy will too.

  2. I love those retro flower blocks. Don't you love bean bags? I made some for my daughter and she and her cousin were playing with them yesterday. They have a million uses and are great imagination starters!


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