Saturday, October 20, 2012

A WICKED announcement......

For the last month or so 100 Wicked people have been twitching their noses and snapping their fingers.  SPELLS have been cast, and things have been brewing.   Things have been chopped, pickled and stirred, and now there are WICKED, wicked, wicked things for you to see.  From monday Oct 22 till Halloween night you can hop by the blogs listed below day by day to see what WICKEDNESS  they've been up to. Things will be WICKED, they will be BAD (which is really, really good in a very WICKED way!!!)
Monday, October 22nd

Tuesday, October 23rd

Wednesday, October 24th

Thursday, October 25th

Friday, October 26th

Monday, October 29th

Tuesday, October 30th

Wednesday, October 31st

Hop along and have a Wicked Wicked Time!

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