Friday, November 30, 2012

In YOUR Words bumps Nancy Drew

WELLLLLLLLL, seems there's been a problem/delay in getting the Nancy Drew Fabric to your LQS, which in turn has forced Madam Samm to postpone Nancy Drew Get a Clue hop until later.  Sewwwwww, Madam Samm and her team of cheerleaders have rallied, because you just know she has a whole list of ideas tucked in her hat, up her sleeve, taped to her wall, hidden in a puter file somewhere or typed into her smart phone for future hops and the woman is amazing, less than an hour after she got the message about the delay, she rallied her troops, (the amazing cheerleaders) juggled the schedules and tumbled the cheerleaders around and over each other, and this new hop emerged!!!
IN YOU WORDS, anything, can;t ask for anything better than that, any quilty sewing media item, as long as it has a word or words on it, an important word or words that represent YOU.  Linda of buzzingandbumbling blog is the bee-utiful cheerleader, contact her if you want to play. 

Thank you to all of the wonderful comments left on all my BLOG HOP posts!!  This has been a fun learning experience and I met a lot of new friends along the way..........what a great time Madam Samm created for us all!!!  am off to plan!!!!!!  B-D


  1. LOL! I love what you wrote...every word so true!

  2. had a quick look at your redwork patterns, so very inspiring, do have a couple of redwork books but no doubt you know what I am going to say still have not done any of the designs, must try harder mustn`t I!!


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