Friday, November 2, 2012

what's up next?

Whew thought I'd never get back to normal after being a frog for a day.  Good news is my feet are less pointy but now my toes are green and webbed...fortunately they are short lived spells and the effects go away..eventually,,,ugh, such is the life of a prankster witch.....<);~D
Since I tried to use my magic wand before the stroke of midnight Halloween, it was doing odd things to my spells...(one of these days I may actually get to use it 24/7/365 1/4, and maybe someday pigs will fly, I wonder if a pig knows how to drive a broom???)   Because it was doing odd things, now I will have to do my next project on my own with my two little I better get at tonight because it's up next and due to be ready in a very short amount of time, like MONDAY morning, and I'm showing on Tuesday.  I also have to make 17 owl pillows between now and then too, their inner bodies are done and have gone to the stuffer (my friend who had this crazy idea of making 17 owls, and doesnt sew lol).  She is stuffing and fluffing.   but look at the fabric she bought for eyes!

Now I have to  do the outer bodies with hopefully minimal hand stitching.  There will be the soothing sound of the sewing maching whirring away in the house this weekend and the sound/screech of me singing, aaaahhhhhhhh.  good thing my blog has no sound, : D
Madam Samm Queen of Blog hops, organizer extrordinaire and Her cheerleader, Katherine of Sew Me Something Good  are having a UR Priceless coin purse hop and it begins Monday November 5, 2012 and runs through November 13, 2012.
Everybody will has the same pattern and will have sewn them up all different, I hear there are multiples at many places.......I will be lucky to get the two that I have planned done.  If you faintly hear the sweet singing of angels drifting through the air this weekend you will know I got my original idea done.  The crowing of the rooster Foghorn Leghorn I got both of them done, and if you hear the nuclear warning airhorn go off, Duck, because am I'm going to explode due to stress from self-induced severe procrastionation habits I have. 
on a side note........( I have been secretly sketching, and sketching and sewing and stitching and of course some unstitching mmm..., some goodies for next year and even thinking about the sketching while folding & stuffing the twilliing patterns too, so I haven't been just laying around like a baked potato.....
 I am going to have to get a committee together(ie, my quilting chicks group generally about 15-20 quilters, who are also stitchers, knitters, crocheters etc) to help me narrow it down to just a couple...and maybe stitch a few samples :) you'll have to wait............... ;)
 Below is where you need to go starting Monday to see how many different looks you can get from just one pattern.  And a such cute Original pattern by our own Madam SAMM too, I LOVE the shape and ANDOVER Fabrics is her sponsor for this hop, Thank you to Andover FabricsMadam Samm of Sew We Quilt and Katherine of Sew Me Something Good.  This will be SEW FUN! see you there!
UR Priceless NOV 5-13

Day 1 -  Nov. 5th

from being a frog on Halloween. 
Rose Creations
The Treehouse
Gracie Oliver Arts
Quilting Prolifically
Grammie Q's

Day 3 - Nov. 7th
I Love Wool
I Like to Quiltblog
Keep Your Fork There's Pie
Retired to Quilt
From This to That
Jenny E.
Domestic Deficit Disorder
Pig tales and quilts
Count it all Joy!
Creative Notions

Day 4 - Nov. 8th
as sweet as peaches
Deborah B
Birgit H
Fish Creek Studio
A Quilter's Table
Lily Patch Quilts
Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio
Mary F
Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm
The Desert Rat Chronicles
Sally K
Paris at a Certain Age
From Blank Pages
Quilt Taffy
Barb H

Day 5 - Nov. 9th
Polka Dot Classic
Geta's Quilting Studio
Busy Bee Free
Briarside Lane
Quilts and Dogs
Debbie R
suebee's World
Les passions de Cliodana
Colorpoint Quilter
On the Go Quilting
Personalized Sketchesand Sentiments
Freemotion by the River

Day 6 - Nov. 12
Read, quilt, cook, pray...The Learning Curve
Bacon Then Eggs
Nati's Little Things
by Mary
Feltfree på Åsly
El Patchwork de la Abuela
Amy's Crafty Shenanigans
Maryjo J
s.o.t.a.k. Handmade
Janice M
throw a wench in the works
Everyone Deserves a Quilt
A Stitch in Time
Sew Me Something Good

Day 7 - Nov. 13
Julia P
Dachsies With Moxie
Marci Girl Designs
The Sunflower Patch
Wish upon a star
Mary on Lake Pulaski
Greco Mara
Linda M
Mack and Mabel
Dreaming in Patchwork
Judith Handmade Treasures
Caesarea Scrappers
Patchouli Moon Studio

Sew We Quilt

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  1. Goodness Girl! Are you going to ever come up for air...or chocolate? 17 owl pillows? By Tuesday? Didn't you hear the latest? Green, webbed feet are next biggest thing! :)


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