Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It' raining men......halleluya

Oh no it's Mdm Samm Announcing APRIL SHOWERS
Thursday 2/7/13 maybe noon?? Mdm Samm is putting up another hop announcement 
 so go see Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt and then sign up tomorrow 2 /7/13 after the announcement with
who is the Cheerleader managing this blog hop!  OOOoooo she has some good stuff on her blog, go check it out!!  I need to read her blogging tips, my blog is in such sad shape.  But with her helpful tips maybe I can fix a few things.   Getting time on the net is my biggest issue, being an techie idiot my second. 
Anyway the hop is called APRIL SHOWERS
and will be about  MUG RUGS
any colour, any design, 
any theme..... 
Who's got game? Got your best jumping shoes on?  Then hop over to Mdm Samm's and check it out!
For those of you on Stitch Me Up  .........are you stitchin' ?
(sorry it's full if you haven't already signed up)

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