Sunday, January 27, 2013


Several months back I participated in a HOLIDAY LANE PILLOW (to post)
click on photo to see almost 300 pics of entries by people everywhere.

 Blog hop put on by none other than the fantastic, Madam Samm of Sew We Quilt.  And the beautiful pattern to inspire us was provided to us free by Jill Finley of Jillily Studio.   Well sometimes, I just can't leave things as is, so I played with her pattern to see what kinds of things I could make with her wonderful idea.  Below is one of my entries in this hop.  It is such a good design it worked up beautifully many ways.  Thank you JILL for sharing your version with all of us  


Many of you asked about buying the pattern..............I cannot sell what is not mine.  But I will give it away free WITH PERMISSION.  This is Jill's pattern that I did in redwork rather than applique, but she has graciously allowed me to put up a tutorial for a few months on how to do her pillow - REDWORK STYLE (do you hear music and imagine Gundham Style dancers?) lol just kidding.  soooo without any further adieu.....

.you need to do this....

First: Go here to get JILL"S PATTERN - you will need it.  She has several cute free thingson her blog you may want to look around but come back to the free fun stuff page and make sure you download HOLIDAY LANE PILLOW.  Make sure you print her Applique page.  If you are making a pillow you will also need to read through her pattern to get fabric requirements for borders and backing etc.,  We are not piecing the front of the pillow.  I did not read her directions top to bottom.  I cut whatever I thought I needed.......I have sewn for years and am notorious for not reading directions once I get the general idea.  There are no quilt police are there??   I just made it my size, it's close enough for me.
Second: hop over to her blog here And she has lots of cute things there too, but leave her a nice compliment ans PEASE, pease tell her
THANK YOU for ALLOWING me to share my version with YOU.   I really appreciated it that she allowed me to do this for you.  Respect her as the designer and do this please.  Cyndi

Third: did you do the first two, especially the second one???

Have fun stitching Peppermint Holiday Lane!  
NOTE: you have until JUNE 30, 2013 to download this. Then my version will be gone

In the meantime I will be stitching - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - but on something else....
how about you, what are you stitching?  Cyndi



  1. Thanks for the PDF of your very special redwork. I did write Jill a thank you, too. The two of you did a fantastic job with Holiday Lane!

  2. this is a great pillow, skills not good on the computer but will try and download, thanks for making it available to us all.

  3. Thank you for providing the redwork pattern. It's a definitely must do for next Christmas.

  4. I so love redwork, or blue work or hand sewing in any color for that matter. Thanks for this pattern. I have a friend in mind for this for next christmas gift.

  5. Greetings from snowy New Hampshire!

    Thank you so much for sharing your version of Jillily's Holiday Lane. I have downloaded it and can't wait to get started.

    I've also sent an email to Jillily and thanked her as well.

    Love your blog!


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