Tuesday, February 23, 2010

about gerry's 20 minute a day thing

Well, so far Gerry's 20 minute a day crafting group/thing that I thought i should join in un officially has not been a problem. I spent 3.5 hours Friday night, had to go to work saturday and then go to town and get groceries, so only about 4 hours on Saturday. Sunday, did wash, worked on a new pin keep pattern, did wash, pin keeps etc, made chili, watched the quilt shows on PBS while sketching and sewing and washing clothes. Made and set aside ideas/samples that seemed good until put to the test with fabric, sketched several more pin keep ideas. However I didn't find(nor did I look for) any time for straightening/ unburying my sewing machine. Still using daughter's functional machine and it did not even cause me any grief so it's growing on me. Back to the drawing board and sample sewing.

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