Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here are pictures of one of the things that I have done in the past few days. Finished the squishy baby blocks with full alphabet and numbers 0-9, also each block has a side with a special hand embroidered object, 6 of which spell out her name. Most of them have different kinds of sound makers inside. There are 8 total even though my picture only has seven. Sophia's mom has the first block. I wish now that I had made the number sides with different textures as well. Oh well, live and learn. they were fun to make next time more planning

With all 8 of the blocks you can flip them once they also spell "LOVE YOU". Unfortunately because there are only 8 blocks some of the blocks have 2 numbers so you can only line up 1-8.

I think Sophia will love them. I know her mom does, now I've to get them to her. BYE BYE baby blocks!

Keeping up with gerry and their 20 minutes a day group has still been a problem. Since I decided to to do 20 minutes a day, once I get started I can't quit and I spend at least 3-4 hours sometimes up to 7-8 hrs embroidering, sewing, sketching, etc. LOL! Who needs sleep?


  1. Your baby blocks are adorable. Who likes them more? Mom or the baby? You have way to many talents.

  2. i LOVE those blocks!! how adorable! sophia is a lucky little girl, (and so is her mama).


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