Wednesday, March 3, 2010

just thinking out loud.

February came and went with snow, snow, snow on a lot of days. Been many years since we've had snow on the ground that long. I think my niece is 25(she was born the day before the last REALLY BIG snow 23" overnight) We've had many mild winters lately so no one expected this. But we were due. Maybe this year there will be less bugs, but I doubt it. Many are hoping the snow and cold will get rid of many of the armadillos that have ventured up here from the south. Many around here had only seen them on tv or in the zoo or neighboring states, never in central Missouri. they are odd little creatures and are causing trouble on farms or end up being road kill. ugh!

Anyway, have been working on the snowball blocks, I am doing them on cream with red DMC 498. And my stitching corhort, Lori is doing them in med blue on kona off white. I should always stitch things out before I try to sell them in pattern form.............. now that I'm stitching them there are a couple of minor changes I am going to make. Some blocks will have slightly less detail, some a little more. Changes will be mostly to easy in traveling from one area to another so you don't get stuck of somewhere with nowhere to go. I got stuck on the apron. Will post pictures soon.


  1. Found your blog and enjoy it very much. Maybe it will be another 25 years before we have another winter like this.

  2. So that's why I love snow so much! :) ....(I'm 28 by the way).

  3. Nicki............I did know you are 28 and also a december birthday, wrong niece. was talking about Jessica(other side of family)was born, March 27? about 25-26 years ago


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