Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just stitchin' along

With no real time to sew, not to mention no real desire at the moment, I have not yet gotten to my sewing machine.  But I finished stitching all the red snowman blocks, so for my take alongs I have started stitching them in blue.  DMC 3765 on Kona Cream to be exact.  Check out my blue man group hahaha!  

It sure is loverly outside.  Wish I was not stuck in this back office! 
I have an exciting offer coming up.  I just need to check on fabric details and get photos. 
I also have more chicks to draw or finish, so keep in touch!


  1. Isn't it hard to be stitching snow men in this nice weather? I am anxious to hear about your exciting offer. You are so talented with your sketching and designing I hope something comes your way in this area. Hugs

  2. Hey Cyndi! Blue Man Group...ROFL!!! That's great...and the snowmen are pretty cute, too! I also can't wait to hear your exciting offer.



  3. Love the snowmen but brrrrr they make me feel cold. Was hoping we had seen enough of snow for this year. :-)
    A x

  4. LOVELY! What a beautiful design, I really like the details!

  5. love the blue and white, reminds me of vintage embroidery transfers.

  6. Your snowmen are so cute :)
    Made me smile.


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