Sunday, March 21, 2010

no unsewing, only re-cutting

The snowball stitcheries are done!!!!! Now if I only had some pictures.  Maybe I can borrow a camera.  Good thing I usually buy extra fabric, while laughing and chatting at our Quiltin Chicks hen party yesterday,  I mis-cut some fabric to set the snowball blocks together, fortunately I had JUST enough extra! whew!  We had a great time but there were only a few of us, we enjoyed ourselves in spite of the small numbers.  However, I went to the party all out of sorts and couldn't get my act together, so I only got most of the cutting done for the snowballs.  Still gave to cross cut the star points.  Too much other stuff to do now, so no sewing probably until Wednesay now. ugh!  maybe I can get a little handwork in here or there.  I still have managed to get my 20 minutes crafting a day in. 
We've had a nasty two days, reminding us that although spring may have started, winter can still rear it's ugly head.  Sleet, the nastiest form of winter fell upon most of us, but at least around us it did not accumulate, nor did it snow.  The weatherman says supposed to be nice for the next few days.       we'll see.  no money placed on that tip. 
.....for those who have read the previous post..............I did not try my new glasses this weekend,  too much going on.  I think I need to try them when it's caaaaaaalm.  Is there such a time?   Oh I know........while I'm sleeping, lol!  Off to do some of my normal 8-5 work.  Yes, I know it's sunday.........but I am behind so trying to do a little catching up.  till later! cyndi


  1. Good luck with you glasses. It is an adjustment but I know you can do it. I about feel down the stairs a few times getting used to mine years ago. Remember they won't do you any good inyour purse. LOL

  2. Girl, once you get used to them you will wonder how you did without. I fell down and blacked my eye getting used to mine but now I wonder how I ever got along without. Keep warm

  3. Love your blopg so I become your follower.

    Big hug and take care!


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