Friday, March 26, 2010

CHICKEN CHALLENGE and GerryArt giveaway

Gerry at GerryArt has a GREAT first time giveaway.  I do realize it's a DIY kit but I would love a pair of orange socks, however to show them off I would have to wear something besides my tennis shoes, hmmmmm have to think about that,  lol.  Find her blog and follow her along here.  it's fun!

back to the chicken challenge:

Okay, they are not totally finished, but here are about half of us, these have only a little cleanup left to do.  The rest are either barely started, have lots of cleanup, or I missed geting them scanned :-(

our quiltin'chicks group so no particular order.........


  1. How you put pictures on blogs drives me craazy! I can't just put them anywhere. They go here. They go there. Oh well, you gotta laugh!

  2. Cyndi, you are a hoot. I was laughing so hard I had to close the door to my office. I know... should I really be looking at this at work. You have put a lot of thought into these designs. I LOVE them all so far. Thanks for all your time in this.

  3. Cyndi, those are sooooo cute! I don't even know your friends (well, Betty and Gerry are now following me!) but can tell a good bit about them from your drawings! You are a VERY talented lady. Can't wait to see the rest!!



  4. oh my word, I can tell I did some of this late at night, I mis-spelled Paducah. Sorry will fix that.

  5. Cyndi,
    You had me laughing out loud tonight when I finally realized that I could enlarge the pictures--almost woke my sleeping husband! Your drawings are a hoot! I love them, one and all. You sure did get us doing our hobbies. Gerry's socks are delightful and my skirt is cute! You are one talented lady!

  6. Those Quiltin' Chicks are hilarious.

  7. Cyndi, once again your talent blows me away. You have captured each of the Social "chicks" Excellent.

  8. Cyndi, Your chickens are incredible!! Wow!! Love them...they put a smile on my face...such little characters!!


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