Friday, March 19, 2010

To see or not to see, I am defeated.

I finally did it, admitted defeat. After horsing around for about 11 years, I finally went to the eye Dr.  I decided it was getting too hard to jump from reading printed text to the computer screen.  Since I was 6, my ability to see far away has been terrible.   Now my ability to see up close has left me too.  For awhile I could take my glasses off and read or do handwork quite well, but then I noticed things kept getting closer to my face, so several years I bought some of those dollar store readers, to wear with my glasses at home.  Now as you can imagine, this looks ridiculous, so I don't usually do that anywhere but around immediate family.  But lately my squinting ability at work, lol, is giving me headaches.  so off to the eye dr. I went.  The idea of having bi-focals was scaring me, I about broke a leg one time going down the deck stairs wearing my dollar store readers with my glasses.  What would make bi-focals any different?  Was NOT looking foward to finding out.  Got "progressive" lenses.  They came in yesterday.  Got two pair, since it was a 2 pair deal.  Tried one pair............................egads, it was like the worst carnival ride ever.  I love roller coasters!  what is going on?  The lady said they would take getting used to......................really?   can the second pair be as bad?   Fortunately, no not quite as bad, but still weird.  I decide to not mess with them till evening.  Decided as I was going home from work, let's see what they are like driving.................... same thing.............roller coaster type effect.  So I tried 2nd pair...........loved them as far as driving, worked well when I got home trying to stitch and watch TV.  This morning,  seemed like I couldn't focus on the computer.  I don't have time for this........aaaghhhhh!   stay tuned, will let you know how things go today. 

Going to our Quiltin Chicks hen party tomorrow.  Any Chick who wants to can sit and sew, crunch and munch, from 10:00 to 3:00.  I am excited., There will be lots of sewing and laughing, reeeaaaaaally hope there's no unsewing. Will be back tomorrow and let you know.


  1. good luck with the eyes. I have needed glasses since I was 7, yes 7and any new pair still makes me dizzy and unsteady.

  2. Cyndi, I've had bi-focals for about 8 years now. And while they do take a few days to get used to, after that it's more holding menus and magazines two inches away from you face! It's nice to be able to see again! Oh, and just don't look down when you are descending stairs...that still gets me sometimes!



  3. You really do get used to them after a while. I had to force myself to wear them at first, but it gradually gets easier.


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