Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Chicken Challenge and the Licorice Twist Quilt

I just got a great email from Linda Lou. She sent me a photo of her version of my Licorice Twist quilt! WOOHOO!  This is the first time I have seen one of my embroidery patterns in a complete quilt from someone I don't even know and I am excited!.  Several of my Quiltin' Chicks friends have made things, Gerry from Gerryart did the baskets and sunflowers and Sharon of  Dunn's longaberger baskets did the MONSTERS in a quilt rather than a book.  They were great too, but to receive a picture from someone I don't know was exciting.  Thank you Linda Lou for bringing sunshine to an otherwise grey day.   If she agrees to let me use her photo I'll put it here for you.

About the CHICKEN CHALLENGE, issued from our Quiltin' Chicks group............................. I have 3 done, and several more almost done!  Here's the thing, my chickens are not doing days of the week things.  They are doing things like hobbies, activities, holding collections of things, I need to pick your brains a little.  I need all my Quiltin' Chicks friends to send me an email about your favorite hobbies, collections, activities.   I need info basically only from a few of you, but maybe some of you do things or collect things that I don't know about so everyone send me an email.  Some of you might be surprised that I knew that about you.  So far they are hilarious I am having a great time!  Okay now, you know me and you should know they are not going to be ordinary chickens............... If I can get them scanned or photoed I'll give you sneek peaks.


  1. Can't wait to see your chickens. I like to travel so a traveling chick may be good. Also like planting flowers. Maybe a chick in retirement. LOL Send me a sneak peak at my home email address. I know you will come up with something really COOL... Hugs

  2. betty, omg, yours was mostly done but the taveling part will top it off. thanks! (I am grinning VERY big right now!!! gees I wish I was at home so I could add to your sketch.) oooooh I am excited!


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