Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Mystery HOW #14 done

Okay, it was back to the drawing board. today(yesterday, Sunday)...........if you tried to make last week's template like I did Sunday afternoon , you found out that the shape you end up with is a straight sided cube, no pointy top & bottom not at all the shape I was going for. (glad I did it with paper first)  HOWever you can only use three of the 4 shapes (don't forget to allow the seam allowance if you decide to cut the 4th one off) and have a triangle shape similar to what I had in mind. but I wanted a 4 sided ornament, so I had to re-draw some of the lines.  And I still wanted birds, but decided some of you may want something else so I put poinsettias on one page and the birds on the other, so it's a 2-fer.

I am still not finished am going to add a tassel to the bottom, maybe with some beads.  Also am not happy about the lack of pointiness (spell check does not like that word, lol!) at the top and bottom next time will trim the interfacing to almost nothing at the top and bottom,  it was very bulky.  Also would like it more square, I may have overstuffed it, and it's fabric what can you say.  Here is what it looks like from the bottom, before I rinsed out the blue pen.. 

The top looks the same only the hanger sewn in the middle.  Here's what it looked like after stitching,

Solid blue are sewing lines dashed blue lines are cutting lines.  Now cut it like below before sewing points together leaving sides open for turning, notice they are not stitched either, you will do that after sewing side seam shut.
After you sew all the points to each other turn inside out and stuff.

Then whip or slip stitch shut, whichever you prefer. 
NOW do a small chain over the seam you just closed...........then bury the ends and clip.
Ta DAAAAA!!!! a neatly hidden seam! add a twisted cord hanger to top and a tassel to the bottom.

Here is the pattern for the birds

Here is the one for poinsettias, put french knots in the middle.

Sorry I've been so behind lately!!!  I'm pedaling as fast as I can but the bike seems to stay in low gear!!  Just so you know, there probably not be a HOW next Monday...........that gives me two weeks to get caught up, hahahahahahaha! Like that will happen this time of year. BUT you never know, sometimes things fall into place and I might have time for one???????????   Have fun playing with these. adapt, changes them whatever.........Cyndi


  1. YOU are just too clever!! SEW cute!

  2. Beautiful. You come up with the cutest things.

  3. Thanks Cyndi. I love the birdy...and the poinsettia too!! You're a genius!

  4. Your Christmas ornament is just wonderful!!!

  5. What an absolutely darling ornament, Cyndi!! :-) Love the birdies!!! It's so lovely of you to share your designs - I have finished a very special stitchery and made it in to a cushion... from one of your designs... it will be on my next blog post!!

    Take care honey - hope you achieve as much as you can - even if it's not quite as much as you 'want' to!!

    Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo :-)

  6. Oh boy, Cyndi - those came out GREAT! Can't wait to try them!

  7. Gracias por compartir la hermosa cuadrícula de esfera con pájaros. Saludos desde México.


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