Tuesday, November 30, 2010

no monday HOW this week

Sorry!!!!!! Due to some big miscalculations on quantities of pieces, triangles that leaned right and not left or vice versa and the usual seams that are sewn wrong, pieces upside down etc, rippping, out, ripping out, I am WAY behind at completing a quilt top....................... will try to have 2 sets of new patterns for you next Monday......!! SORRY to all that are following along.  And an even bigger sorry to Keri who didn't get her quilt on time.

Hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving week.  I sewed pretty much non stop the last 10 days except for working my normal 40 and  a few hours of sleep per night.  I really enjoyed all the sewing even though I ended up having to cut  and sew more pieces, but I am so disappointed that I did not get it finished on time.     I did not do any sewing satuday evening or sunday evening..........we had Turkey Day on Sat pm and I took my GD#1 and her friend who had never been before the the ice arena to go skating Sunday PM, as a reward for vastly improving her grades.........my ankle is screamimg today (broke it in 3 places 30+ years ago).  I should not spend 3 hours on the ice the first time each season. I am old, I need to build up those muscles again, slowly, lol!  Back sewing machine and quilt top tonight.  It will be done this week!!!!  
Want to hear about one of usual "funny/klutzy" things I did since I blogged last??.......... I got ready for work last monday, let my daughter's cold-natured dog out since it was SUPPOSED to be warm all day, leaving the house with wet hair, rolled the window down, decided to open the sunroof (something I very rarely open) while I was driving to work to dry my hair faster.....it was about 70 degrees....I went to work in my window-less office for a couple of hours when I heard a funny noise.................could it be .................listening harder................yes it might be....................oh dear......it is.........beginning to RAIN...........crap, Amanda's poor dog is out in the rain ...............................   well it's pretty close to lunch, he won't die he'll just be wet and miserable for an hour or two.........so ............back to the paper work...........la da da dah working away.........thinking while I'm working Geez, now it's raining/POURING  hard, Jake(dog) is going to be mad oh, he'll be alright  (I eat lunch about 12:30)  and a little bit later the hard rain quit for the most part.  So at 12:30, I get up to go to lunch and go walk out to my car.  Temperature has changed and is cooler, as I was walking WAY out to the car (is a big lot) it began to sprinkle then all of a sudden rain........cold hard rain..........running to the car now I ran around the car and thought crap I left my window open, yanked the door open, jumped in and screamed AUUUUUUGGGHHHHHH,  as the water in the seats soaked my through jeans and back of my shirt quickly.................I LEFT THE SUNROOF OPEN TOO, the pouring rain streaming in....................... fortunately, I could still close the electric windows and sunroof window, SO, I not only went home to let the dog in, I had to change clothes completely and then went about soaking up the ponds, lakes and rivers in my jeep, good news....... the sticky coins in the cup holders aren't sticky anymore, and surprisingly enough the electric windows still work!!!!  For those of you who know me and the crap in my jeep well..........nothing in the piles of was ruined except for a 1.00 store coloring book as far as I can tell, although some things were quite wet.  LOL!!!!!
Am still laughing at that one.........remembered the dog but not the windows!!!  (you'd think one of the truck drivers that work here would have said something to me about rain and open windows.) 
Have about 3 weeks of blog posts to read through, not much computer time other than normal work.  Talk to you Monday if not before, got a lot of  sewing and ironing, then designing and stitching then maybe some blog reading to do between now and then.


  1. Hope your Jeep has dried out by now. You are too funny. Good luck with that quilt. You may need a few shots of CR after you finish this project.

  2. That sounds exactly like something I'd do. :) blessings, marlene

  3. NOW that sounds like something I would do!! Glad the dog didn't float away!!
    Slow down and smell the roses!!or the pine boughs...ha ha
    Take care!

  4. Glad nothing was ruined....and you can laugh about it!

  5. ROFL! Cyndi, you are so funny . Hope your jeep is bone dry by now !

  6. Poor you! And poor dog! I hope the Jeep is dried out by now. At least you got some loose change out of it all.

  7. You're too hilarious! Way better than a HOW this week ;)

  8. I've been wondering where you've been! Forgot about that CR quilt. I'm sure Keri understands...that's a BIG quilt and a lot of cutting!

    You are so funny, Cyndi! Glad that your jeep and Amanda's dog are none the worse for the rain, and dogs are pretty forgiving so I'm sure he's over it by now! :o)

    Hang in there, girlfriend!



  9. Oh my gosh, what a time you've had! I am going to send you a picture of my Christmas Block I received from Janet (Caribou Crossing)in email. It is amazing, and I was so excited I just purchased the Elf set and the Sunflower. When I can, I'm going to get the Snowball set. Love your blog too!

  10. Hope everyone is dry and happy now. Take some time for you too!


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