Wednesday, November 10, 2010

stuck on HOW, designs not flowing

An Elongated Hexagon x 4 or a 3-D ornament. I have what I want to do in mind just not what to put on it.  I really wanted the red bird in the pines on it but I already did that so now I am stuck.  I also have not had any time to work on it.  I've been mking hair accessories for GD#3 (2.5 yr old) since she and her cousin GD #2 (4 yr old) decided to play beauty shop Friday night..........complete with a haircut..........oh yes somewhere they found a pair of scissors........... here is Kylie's hair before...........with her long hair, she had her bangs pulled up in a top pony.  Her mom was trying to get them to out, they were almost long enough.
and here is after.......Anyone need a free 5 minute hair cut by a 4 yr old?  Check out Cami's new style,  it'll be awhile before she passes her state boards, lol!
notice Kylie's the lack of bangs.....will be a LONG time before these grow out

and the "layered cut"

and lack of symmetry, Poor Kylie, see the bald spot in front of her ear.  This picture was after Mandy (a friend) trimnmed the tails off the back to somewhat level it up to the sides.  So I've been making more flower clips, and hair bows like in a previous post, crocheting headbands and hats.  She is in a wedding in three weeks.......yikes!

   Back to the hexagon ornaments I wanted to do something scrolly, swirly or something like that in the peaks, but couldn't decide about the square part.  I know some are waiting very patiently but I am just putting the pattern out there...........keep in mind I only put this on paper.....................I have NOT tried to assemble this in fabric.......note: I decided after I did page one that I could lay them side by side and eliminate some if you want to they are first draft,, second draft is a 2 page PDF,  Also aftter sewing the diagonal seams shut was going to add a bit of stuffing to keep it full.  Then finish the last straight seam.  Note the two versions, I think you can choose to print page one or page two.  Use your own designs or choose some previous ones, like the red bird, lol!!  I hope you have fun............I promise there will be a completed ornament and pattern this coming monday Nov 15.  If you make any, send me pics or links to your blogs and I'll share them with everybody.  Sorry it's been a crazy weekend.

so have a good time if you want to play and creat your own otherwise wait till next monday!!  Cyndi


  1. Glad everything' ok ... maybe not with the haircut, LOL, but with you and yours. Interesting idea on the elongated hexie ... with little tufts at either end it could be a piece of taffy, or one of those cracker things! Can't wait to try it!

  2. Sorry about the hair--16 years ago in Utah, McDonalds put childrens safety scissors in a happy meal. My daughter cut her bangs to the quick and cut her long curly hair off. Her dad just sat and cried at the beauty salon. They had more business that week than every before!!

  3. Oh my gosh! That beautiful long blond hair...gone in the wink of a 4-year-old's eye! Bless her heart. Well, at least it's just hair and will grow back...hope it grows fast with the wedding coming up so soon! :o)

    Hope you've been doing well...haven't heard from you in a while!



  4. I am sorry...I laughed about the hair.....brings back alot of memories.

  5. Your GD has beautiful big eyes--others may not notice the short hair.

  6. My babysitter thought she was helping by cutting my baby's hair but did a horrible job. I had to shave him....lucky my baby is a boy!

  7. Amazing how they go for the hair when they get their hands on scissors! She is a cutie - a pretty hair band will cover the bald spot for the wedding.:)

  8. I cut my daughter's hair when she was taking a bath, and the result was an ok from the back, but not in the front, because I cut her bangs too short :D
    But that was 5 months ago, and I'm glad that the bangs has grown

    Your girl is so cute, and I'm so sorry about her hair. But I guess it will grow fast :)

  9. the good thing about hair is that it grows. she will have long hair by kindergarten. i actually think she looks really adorable in that front facing photo! :D kids will be kids. they all do it at some point.


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