Monday, April 25, 2011

am stitching again, finally

I hope you all had a nice Holiday.  Nothing at my house. I did go spend some time with my parents, and siblings and some of my kids. But it rained, and was fun but dreary.  Who would have thought an Easter this late in the year would have been so dreary and wet. 
Anyway, while catching up on some old blog posts on some of my favorite blogs, I ran across someone who is doing a BOM called Crazy Cats.  Now these blocks are as cute as can be but they are supposed to be appliqued.  ( I do intend to do them applique as well.)  But in the mean time, the bottom picture is how I did them Thursday night and Friday night. 
But FIRST here they are as HELENA did them.


What's so great is these CRAZY CATS got me stitching again!!!!!!! 
 I made them 50% of the original size for a mini wall hanging for my office.  They are perfect, quick and cute, definitely right up my alley.  They each only took less than 2 hours.
I did them in redwork, one of my favorite mediums!  They are first stitching I've done in months.  Now maybe I can finish something I started at my daughter's month's ago.  The worst part now will be waiting each month for the other cats.  ; )   But to entertain myself even more I am going to do these cats super mini too (ornament size),  THANK YOU HELENA.
I will post some more of Pennies for Rylee soon.  I still need to fix the directions. have a good day, or evening! Maybe soon I'll even draw something soon, one can only hope.  Cyndi


  1. Stitching heals the your cats!

  2. I have been doing Helena's crazy cats appliqued - cool redwork! love it! thanks!

  3. Your redwork crazy cats are adorable!

  4. I love's very calming. Thanks for Helena's link. Will look it up :)

  5. I love those crazy cats. Thank you for turning me on to them!

  6. I am so tempted to try these cats, but oh my stars, I have so much going on right now. I did check out the BOM though from a link on another blog, and they are soooo cute. I like your redwork version too.

  7. They are darling, and my baby girl does love cats. I do too, but this one's in heat and driving me up the flipping wall.

    Hey when are you coming for a field trip to Colorado? Glad to see you back in the game. We have missed you.

    Vicki R


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