Sunday, July 18, 2010

been froggin'

Now at my MIL's house, that means going around the all the ponds in season after dark, hunting bullfrogs for dinner the next day.....................They don't taste that bad, similar in taste and texture to shrimp, but I have trouble eating them because of the visual aspect!! And really hunting them for me amounted to my carrying the sack for of dead frogs', not my idea of a fun night............once was enough.

But for me, froggin' all  night meant rippin', rippin'. ripping, some of the monster blocks apart.  A couple of years ago, I did a demonstration, for our quilt group, on coloring on fabrics, and the various results of pre-washed versus not, and washable crayons versus not and different gel pens.  Then we all sat and colored some monster blocks that I had drawn of white quilt lining.  We had great time.  They were to take them home to square them to to a certain size and then add bright colored  borders.  But some of them didn't square up the blocks which were all different before they sewed on the borders and I could not make them work together they way they came back to me.  I haven't had time or the inclination to unsew until now.   I unsewed about 10 of them, am going to trim blocks and then re-add the borders back on. wasn't bad at all, should have done it along time ago. no stitches were teeny tiny. no back stitching or restitched line lines to rip out, was easy.  Several came back without any borders so I am doing those too.  So this is what I am going to work on now.  Here's picture of the piles of monster blocks and pieces parts  :)  Once the monser quilt is sewn together and quilted, it will end up at RACS (the rape and abuse crisis center or a hospital or something like that)

Don't forget to go to one of my previous posts about the mystery giveaway and leave a comment, which will close July 24, and then come back tomorrow for mystery monday?????

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  1. Sorry that not everyone correctly finished their monster block, but those are really cute! You have a wonderful imagination and your drawings are so fun...that is going to be one GREAT quilt when it's finished!




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