Sunday, July 25, 2010

St E picnic preview

The St Elizabeth Community picninc starts is a couple of hours, here's a preview of the quilts the community ladies made this year to auction off and a few to raffle off.  The population in this town is about 274, there will 10x 20x that today enjoying good food, lots of conversation with people you may have not seen for a year or so, and my favorite a quilt auction.  here's a quick preview. 

Baby size to king, all probably machine pieced but all hand quilted.   All the ladies in the communities around here do this every year for their commuity picnics or church great to see all the support these small towns get from their citizens. 


  1. thanks for the preview! question, would anyone bid on the quilts if they were machine quilted ? I saw one picnic recently and the hand quilting was just boring! Mostly stitch in the ditch, almost any machine quilting would have improved the quilts immensely . I'm considering donating a quilt next year but don't want to if folks wont buy a machine quilted quilt! Claire

  2. Dang! I totally missed it. I haven't been to the St E. Picnic in many years!

  3. I love how the quilts puff out. Is that a feature of hand quilting or just your skill at picture taking? I notice many of the pictures are at an angle.

  4. That picnic looked like a lot of fun, and there were some really nice quilts there. Glad there was such a great turnout!




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