Friday, July 2, 2010

too too fun (tutu fun)

This is Kylie, (she is my youngest grandchild) when she was about 6-7 month's, in a purple tutu.  She belongs to DD#2(DD#2  goes by Bethie, her real name is Elizabeth).  One of DD#3's friends (DD#3 is Sarah) (DD#2's twin), named Rebecca Rademan who has begun to work as a professional photographer(she works at Pro Photo, JC MO and for Jefferson City Magazine).  While Becky was working as an intern, she took these fun tutu photos of Kylie.  Some of them are so funny and cute, thought I would share.

the beads were interesting

red haired beauty in purple!

just soooo funny!
ignore my arms and legs, she's making a face at Mommy

Well I'm going to resist the urge to say "the end" and stop my post here, which I thought would be really, funny and corny.  But I thought I'd show you a more current picture of her.  She turned 2 in March.

She's changed a bit and her hair is not red any more.
If you haven't noticed yet, her mom likes purple (puhpohl) and dresses her in it whenever she can.
Which reminds me of another happy ending quilt mishap.................The purple quilt I made for Bethie...............come back tomorrow for the story................I need to go find the pictures of her quilt.  Because you have to be able to see what I did!!!!


  1. What a cutie. I just love the picture of her little toes and the pearls - so cute. Those pictures would make a cute collage

  2. Kylie is a darling gal! She has her Grandma's beautiful big eyes!


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