Thursday, July 8, 2010

LUCKY ME, lucky you

Have you seen this book?
  It was written ny Cherri House at Cherri House Quilts.
I get to see this book up close and personal.......................a  signed copy will be zooming my way any day now..........Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works was having a giveaway and I won............I  won this book, and if that wasn't great enough, she got the artist to sign is, I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!  Go Visit Jackie's blog and see all the goodies there.  Then go to Cherri's blog and see all her goodies, such fun places.   Thank you Jackie for having such a great prize!!   Oh and if you would like this book Jackie says she is selling them in her store Canton Village Quilt Works

Speaking of prizes, Janet a new Canadian blogger, at  Caribou Crossing Chronicles of Quilts, the weather and other fun stuff, (go by and say hi!), won one of my giveaway prizes recently.  But what is better than that (as far as I'm concerned) is that she sent me my very first quilted postcard.   I have been dog-sitting at my one of daughters lately in another town, so I'm not sure when it came, I know it wasn't there by July 1, but the other day I had to take my son to an appointment and ran by the house for a few minutes and lo and behold............goodies for me, (including yucky ole bills) and a beautiful quilted FABRIC postcard from cool., lots of little pieces of Kaffe Fassett style florals.  Another cool thing is her post master/mistress was very careful when they postmarked it, it's a perfect postmark, you can see every detail about it.  Thank you Janet, I LOVE it  I always wanted to try one, now I know I will!!!!  If you're friends with your postal person tell tham thanks for being careful with the postmark.
Here's some pictures so you can see my surprise prize.  Sorry about the quality of my photos.

cool huh!!!!!!

If you want you can join in the MONDAY MYSTERY GIVEAWAY,  I have 2 layer cakes to give away to 2 lucky people.. one layer cake per winner...................Is one of them you?????????????


  1. Wow, Cyndi, that's very cool....and pretty, too! I never heard of fabric post cards! And you're right...that post mark is beautiful!

    BTW, you still haven't come over and entered my give's open until Sunday night!



  2. You must bring that to the next chicks meeting! Book looks awesome. Claire

  3. Yep--one of those layer cakes has my name on it!!!
    Love those postcards--but I am not "artisy" enough to make me one!!! so I will have to find a friend to do and send me one like you got in the mail!!!
    Congrats on winning a signed copy of the book--way to go!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  4. Wow what a beautiful postcard you were gifted Cyndi! Beautifully post-marked too, a real treasure! My FIL collects postal history and is fascinated by the new 'wave' of fabric postcards so I made him one for his 65th birthday, a photo of him as a little boy printed on to fabric and then embelished... I posted it on his actual birthday so it was stamped with his birth date. He loved it. Gosh I digress!!!

    Hugs! Vikki xoxo :-)

  5. The post card is so cool. I have never gotten one before but have seen them. Very nice.

  6. Cyndi, I could use a Layer Cake without calories. I have been lucy lately, maybe my luck will continue.
    Thanks for you generous giveaway.

    BTW, your postcard is very nice.


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