Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Mystery project

sock monkey mischief on mystery monday. 

This time a felt or fleece monkey applique.  Several Christmases ago I made shirts for each of my nieces and granddaughter, also made one for DD#3.  Mom and I also made flannel sock monkey jammie pants.  This is now GD#1's shirt. It used to be DD#3's shirt.  It shrunk so, she gave it to Makenna.  Shirt has probably been washed 30 - 40 times.  It's a little pilly, but she's 9 and doesn't really care.  Instructions follow for you to make one of your own. I just happened upon the goofy black & white buttons a couple of years ago when I was making the monkey shirts.  Will give you patterns for felt eyes if you can't find any buttons, but a lot of buttons will work.  see below.............  cut these out of fleece, the one on her shirt is felt. 

HAVE fun, you can whip up a bunch of monkey's pretty quick.  Put them on shirts, jeans, totes, jackets,




  1. Did you know there is spellcheck when you compose? I can just see your fingers flying trying to keep up with your brain 8^)

  2. Those are really cute, Cyndi. You have such great ideas. Might have to make one of those for kiddies in the family! :o(



  3. Cyndi, you are too much. I bet your mind never stops designing. Like your happy monkey face.


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