Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CR process begins

CROWN ROYAL QUILT- the beginning
A few posts ago I told you I had agreed to make a wedding quilt for my youngest daughter's friend's sister. Not just any wedding quilt but one made out of the bags from Crown Royal. First I got a large trash bags full of freshly washed purple flannel bags.  this where we are at the moment.........
.a practice mock up of the blocksome parts are sewn, most are not.

add some alternating kaleidoscope blocks,  a view fron EQ

  The after a hundred emails back and forth between the friend and her sister, she has decided on a pattern
and picked out some fabrics...................

which without a flash looks more like this.............

and so I scanned her fabrics in and changed the star in center and got this
so the journey begins..........
Tonight I sat down and began deconstructing the bags.  After a couple of hours of carefully cutting them apart,  I felt like I had done a lot..................................... but after counting, 17 bags cut into all the pieces/parts.

12 of the large bags and 5 of the med size, wow only 17?????
So since there were at least two sizes I decided to get them out of the trash bag to see what was there...........bedsides the 17, she also has 4 mini bags, and after stacking in piles of 10 discovered she had 120 more of the middle size I thought she had 115, but she has 137 of usable sizes and 4 minis. 

 Although this is just part of the packaging and considered trash.  If you had to go out and buy all the whiskey to get this number of bags it would cost between $3000.00 US and 5000.00.  So after adding quilt shop fabric front and back it's going to one expensive quilt.   Back to cutting/deconstructing...........more later.


  1. The Royal Crown quilt is a challenge. Thank you for the free reindeer ornament and the hexagon pattern. I've enjoyed reading your older posts also.

  2. Wow, Cyndi, the design is beautiful but it looks so hard - not to mention having to deconstruct all of those bags! I hope you don't lose your mind in the process!!! And I hope she didn't drink all of that whiskey by herself! LOL!!!

    I can't wait to see this as you progress!



  3. What a fascinating quilt this will be when you get it done. The pattern looks great. A lot of work is going to be done in this quilt.

  4. I have had one person ask me about making a quilt from their bags. I had never seen one done but knew people did. I am glad I stumbled across your blog!

    I have to add you to my sidebar! I am loving all those ornaments!!!


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