Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I don't know about you but I only do a few big projects now and then.  But what I really like to do is small projects. things that I can get done quickly, or work on in bits and pieces of stolen time, lunch hours, waiting for people, and at meetings etc.  Things that I can FINISH, with out getting bored.
 So look at what popped into my reader box late last night............
Another free fun small project from Fiona at Mother's Cupboard!!!!!
Only 40" square, 10 month BOM, and cute on top of all that. 
For you american readers,  the only downfall is measurements.  It is in cm instead of inches,  get over it they have to adjust to our measurements too!!
Dig out your scraps, buy 1.25 yd for the back and you'll be fine
hop over there and check out all the other wonderful things she has on her blog too!


  1. oh, I shouldn't look. I did but I am going to pass. I need to finish my snowflakes and I am working on your little birdie ornament.

  2. You manage to dig up some cute projects! Wish I had time to add one more work in progress...

  3. Hi Cyndi, just thought I'd let you know Fee has put a conversion up for the BOM least I hope that's who's blog I read it By the way, great job on Cyndi's blog button....Bluebirdswing that is! Hugs Naomi


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