Monday, September 6, 2010

Mystery Monday HOW #5

Mystery Monday Hexagon Ornaments of the Week (HOW #5)

see below for link

skinny legged reindeer

reindeer with hexagon ornaments and a button nose
click HERE for link to google docs for a PDF of stitch patterns. and don't forget to register on my 100th post giveaway if you'd like to recevie a set of the HOW ornaments in reds or blues along with a set of Frosty Flakes blocks.  Sorry I was late, just got stuck trying to think of something to draw.  Nothing looked cute, new and fun out of the 30 something sketches I did.  I finally just picked a couple and stitched them........ have fun!! I am going to go work on the crown royal quilt for other daughters friend.  Black with purple, black and even more black!


  1. Hi Cyndi...the skinny legged reindeer is comical I really like that one!!
    As soon as I get the gardens buttoned up I need to get going on some of these patterns but in the mean time I really like seeing them and admiring other peoples work!!
    Black and purple!!!!

  2. Cute, Cute, cute. Your designs are so fun...

  3. The reindeer are very cute. I am intriqued by the Crown Royal quilt. From what I remember of Crown Royal bags they wouldn't be the easiest thing to sew. I'm interested to see how it's going.

  4. These are SEW dang cute!! I can see that I am going to have to start making hexagons!! I love all of your little creations!! thanks you so much!

  5. These two ornaments are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this reindeer. How did I happen to miss this whole thing?? Is there a way to catch up??


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