Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frosty Flakes & CR process

here is block # 6

Here's what I did with Dawn's Frosty Flakes from last week.
I turned them into ornaments, I really like the blue

And then there's the Crown Royal quilt process.  Years ago I saw this handy hint about placing templates on your rulers when cutting funny pieces.  Can't remember if I saw it on TV or in a magazne but I used it on my first kaleidoscope quilt and it works very well.  I made multiple copies of the pattern piece and used a water soluble glue stick to glue them to the bottom of the ruler making sure I got the correct 1/4 in and am not risking trimming the paper pattern or my fingers as I go.  I got both angles and the square corner.  After I'm done, I can remove paper with no harm to ruler and wash glue off.  I measured the shape of the kite keeping fat corner square to ruler, I need 6.75 strips and from those strips I can cut 7 kites.  The kite shape should/must be cut with the fat end cut with the grain in order to keep the outside edges of the completed block on straight of grain.  If you don't cut them that way the stretchy bias edges on the block can cause waves and disaster.  If you want to fussy cut this shape this way and that on fabric and end up with bias edges you need to be SUPER cacerful sewing blocks together.
If you haven't noticed, then I have to tell you this quilt makes me nervous..........I really want to do a good job, but it has taken me out of my comfort zone with all these blacks and the tight value change.  I cut some the kites shapes /pieces and laid them out on the Fairy Frost black fabric she wants to use for the background. I like it and it is better than I expected in regular light, but in low light still  appears mostly all one color. 
Here's a few pictures in regular light

oh and I re-assessed my fabric bag needs........

only have to cut up 40 bags since blocks are bigger and now I only have this many left to cut up.  She'll have a lot left.  at one time she had a pattern picked ou that took 180 bags one that took 300, etc we looked at a lot of options.

off to work in a little while,  more on the CR process later. 


  1. Looking good, you have made some progress. With all the left over CR bags you may be asked to make a 2nd quilt.:-)

  2. Huh?!!! You know I'm quilting-stupid! I have no idea how to cut out a quilt shape, but it sure looks like you are doing a fantastic job! And I agree with have made a lot of progress in just a day or so. This is really going to be an amazing quilt, Cyndi!

    Oh, and I love your little ornaments....they are too cute!



  3. YOU know I love your hexies!! ;o)
    This quilt is going to be incredible!! Can't wait to see what you do with the bags!! Also thank you for the ruler tip!! Awesome!!

  4. Your frosty flakes are looking really great! And the ruler/template hint looks really useful - I must remember that one - thank you!!

  5. I think I saw that template idea in a magazine once. Neat.
    OOO! the black fairy frost is a great choice.
    Your little ornaments are coming along. I just finished stitching the bird and want to try to get an ornament made this weekend.


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