Monday, April 19, 2010

MINI-mini Mystery Monday

I had techincal issues this a.m.     update:   I think I got it!  sorry for the lateness! 

Here's some things to ponder.

First is a picture of a stitchery of Patches, Etc during the Quilts on Main quilt shows.  It is my drawing, a pattern commissioned by Ann Hazewood, former owner of Patches Etc. I did not stitch it.   I'm not sure who stitched it, possibly Ann herself, one of the ladies that worked in her store or one of her redwork group.  I snapped a picture of it the first year in hung outside during the quilts on main show because I thought it was fun to see my drawing come to life.  Thanks to whomever stitched it.  You did a wonderful job. If you are reading this and stitched the example here, let me know and I'll give you credit.

 and the second thing is
this snowball #6 seen below, I drew #6 trying to convey the excitement of a child and bubbles, yet with the idea that that was possibly where snow came from(in a child's mind).  Now I am at Patches, Etc. quilt store  frequently delivering patterns and checking out the new items in the store and 99% of the time it is on Sunday.  Now, Terri (Teri?, Terry? sp?) ususally works on Sundays (until May : ( will miss her! ) and one day we were talking and she said, "Do you know which of the snowballs is my favorite?".  and I said "No, because people all seem to like different ones for different reasons."  She said, "It's the one of the snowman blowing bubbles/snowflakes!" and she proceeded to tell me her story of being a retired science teacher and knowing all the "cool" things to do when it came to weather and experiments etc.  She told me that if the wind chill drops to 20 degrees below zero that you can  bundle up warmly, and run out side and blow bubbles.  That the bubbles will freeze, then pop and that in the sunlight it there would be glittery crystals.   NOW doesn't that sound COOL??   I really wish I had had Terri for a teacher.  Science would have been loads of fun with some knowldge thrown in for good measure.  Now in Missouri, it doesn't get quite that cold very often.  But when I told my sister in law, Claudia about Terri's story at Easter, she (Claudia) went the next day and bought bubbles to store away until next winter.  We are both hoping that sometime next winter the wind chill will drop to 20 degrees below zero so we can see the glittery bubble crystals phenomenom ourselves (we are both just kids at heart). (my bubbles are stored away too! lol! )  So from now on I'm going to refer to snowball # 6 as Terri's snowball" (just as soon as I ask her how to spell her name correctly.  I forgot to do that yesterday!)  Anyway here's a peek at Terri's Snowball until I get the monday  MINI technical diffculty issue resolved.


  1. Cyndi, Terri's snowball is cute as can be. You really are very talented! I hope you also have your camera all ready for the "event" when you and Claudia are out there in 20 below weather blowing bubbles! :o)




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