Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday MINI-mini Mystery

Hello to all of you who want to join in the MINI-mini Mystery Monday fun.  I know it's Sunday in my part of the world but I forgot I would not be able to get to the computer on Monday a.m. so like the song says it's bound to be Monday (5:00 actual lyrics) somewhere or at least close to it.  hahaha!

 Shhhhh! Any of you lurking around here tonight will have a head start on those who come tomorrow.  B-)

The list of scrap fabrics is on a previous post this week.  You may want to go back to read it, but if you're just now reading this you need (you won't need anything bigger than 4" scraps of one black, several toanl reds & greens, and one gold or yellow.)  You will need  6 assorted green leafy colored fabrics, and get out about 15 tone on tones, marbles, mini prints that read solid, in good red reds to dark reds (okay to repeat) one piece of a dark yellow or gold and one piece of black. .  Enough wintery or summery "SKY" background to cut about 20 or so squares,  Plus some fabric in a co-ordinating color for enough binding and something for the back for 2, yes 2 mini 10" or so quilts  If you got your fabrics together, here is PART ONE "A".  I hope this works to print it, other wise I'm going to have to come up with something else.  If it doesn't work I'll get something else posted by tomorrow evening.

Excuse my weirdo alignments below, I created this in Microsoft Publisher before I had EQ6.  Imagine them as nicely matched squares. LOL!  I also didn't quite know what to do for those of you with only metric rulers.  I hope you understand what I'm doing and can work it out or that someone will email me who is familiar with both and can help me adjust measurements for those who are all metric.

Sorry the picture below looks strange on screen, but if you click on it it should come up bigger.

Have fun on this while I work on the NEXT mystery, MINI-mini#2.  It'll keep you in stitches!
come back later in week for another dessert.  Cyndi

P.S. If this is the first time you've been here be sure to go check it out and leave a comment on the giveaway post.

Fo those of you are emailing me about buying the snowball patterns individually or the set, you will have to CALL the stores in the "about me paragraph", neither of them have the patterns on the web page yet.  Sorry!
I could not email some of you back, because you have a "no reply"email address.  Guess what, it's going to be hard (impossible) to notify you "noreply" people if you win too!


  1. Hi This is going to be fun and I want to do the snowball blocks how much is the pattern or patterns? will you email I have tried to find them on the stores you listed no luck wah wah
    LOL Patty

  2. hi Cyndi...its Monday here in New Zealand so the timing is just perfect for me!!! This looks like a fun idea and I look forward to visiting each week...thank you for sharing this :-) I will keep you up-to-date with my progress.I'm just going to go back and check out the requirements, then maybe do a bit of hunting through my stash!

  3. Good morning. Just wanted to let you know you are one of the three lucky winners of our Bridal challenge. A little gift will be winging it's way to you if you can please email me your name and address.
    Many thanks,
    Wipso & Twiglet


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