Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday MINI-mini mystery PLUS

Is anyone doing this??????  see my real examples below!
Going to have a lot today, not so many words, just mostly pictures.  Here's the first.

Because I've been swamped at work I did not get my mini mystery samples done until last night.  So here they are:

Look for the last part next Monday and the solution on Tuesday if you can't figure it out.

NOW FOR A TREAT, Last Saturday night when I got home from work after a very llloooonnnnnggggg week at work, I came home to a nice little box sitting by the sewing machine with an airmail sitcker on it, OOOOOWEEEEE GOODIES! LOOK WHAT I GOT! (sorry about the quality of all my photos)

I won my surprise gift from for giving them suggestions for their wedding line. You can also see what they do at and (I think they are fixed, thanks Claire for Catching my web page typos!)  They are a crafty pair and do all sorts of interesting things. Go check them out.  Thank you girls, It's a great "dumfed" (one of their techiques) heavy duty magnet clip, but I can't decide whether to hang it on fridge........or take it to work........leaning towards work since I hardly spend any time in kitchen.  lol!  And at work I would be able to look at it frequently. And your dumfed note cards, they are soooo cute!!!!!!!  I love it! Thank YOU!!!  What a great surprise, it lifted my spirits right up that evening.  Sorry am late in posting.  Will be sending you a surprise back. 
Just realized I didn't put a freebie stitchery last for it tomorrow!

If your just hopped here, go register for my giveaway!  Cyndi


  1. Congrats on the gift, Cyndi. Those colors are so pretty!



  2. Hi Cyndi! .. i saw some typos in those links you posted..

    Do what lazy people do , use cut and paste! No typing for me.. Claire

  3. Claire you are not lazy just efficient and practical! And thanks about telling me. I think I got them fixed correctly with cut and paste!!! Could you/would you log in and fix all the regular typos and bad grammar etc??? I need an editor! Cyndi


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