Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A new friend and Key fobs too!, or A Tale of Two Cyndi's!

About a week and a half ago, it seems like a long time ago, my friend Betty was highly anticipating her retirement and looking forward to more time to sew, crochet, etc,etc.  She posted this blog about a Cyndi at http://bluebirdswing.blogspot.com/ (go check it out) and I thought that in all her excitement about retiring and blogging that she had gotten my name confused with someone else's blog, What 2 CYNDI's ???...................
so I went to check out this blog, She is a CYNDI too.  I immediately decided to follow her because she makes and sells really nice purses/bags of all sorts and some cute little key fobs(they're only 3.50 ea!!!) ( I found them on my second visit to her blog). Anyway I told CYNDI about MY mistake about Betty( sorry, Betty I thought you were just really excited) and CYNDI & I started emailing each other.  The stories about our names, growing up, and bits of info we have shared have kept us laughing the whole time.  We have so many things in common it's like we were separated at birth, sisters, born 3 weeks apart.  LOOK what she made me, some of her key fobs!!!!!.

Thank you Cyndi! They are soooo great and very professional. I was going to put a set of keys on both, but look how good it looks with flash drives!  And it will be so handy to haul them around that way.  With a bright colored key fob hanging from it, I will be less likely to leave them hanging in my daughters' computers, or other computers (I have done that a few times, is a @#$$# when you get home and realize the flash drive is 30 miles away).  You need to order some for yourself or some of her purses, wonderful fabrics and styles.  Check it out at http://bluebirdswing.blogspot.com/  talk to you soon.
I have a mini mystery quilt coming next............!!??!!  Betty, no giving out hints!


  1. Interesting how you two Cyndi's met. I promise not to give away your mini mystery. To anyone reading this be sure to do Cyndi's mystery when she has it ready, it is really a fun one.

  2. I went to high school with a Cyndi. She was really a Cynthia and shortened it to Cyndi.
    Cute key fobs.


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