Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For those of you who've been asking who have "no reply" email addresses,
I sell my patterns through 2 stores at the moment.
Neither of them have the patterns on their web pages, but they do have them in their stores.
Chris, who now owns Patches, Etc inherited that web site and has not updated it because she was handed it about a year ago without a lot of instruction as to modifying/updating it.  She has a very cute store in the historical section of St Charles, Missouri.  They lave a large redwork group and the store has lots of fabrics and patterns.  Many, but not all, of her lines are geared for the antique looking quilts, the 30's, redwork or civil war.  She does have a newsletter she sends out once in awhile with new products, events etc.  
Linda's website for Specialty Quilts is just informational.  Her newsletters are mostly about classes or new services.  Her store is in Jefferson City, Missouri.  She started out doing machine quilting and has expanded her business into a very nice quilt store.  There are lots of fun, pretty fabrics and goodies to be found there.  You will have to CALL or send EMAILS to either one of them to get the patterns.  Either one of them will be able to send you what we need.  If you live outside continental U. S., it may take extra time for them to check on shipping rates.  I'm not sure that whether either one of them has done that.  My guess would be that if anyone did, that Patches has, but I'm not sure.
 CALL Patches Etc. at 1-636-946-6004  or 
EMAIL her at  3patches@prodigy.net

CALL Specialty Quilts  & Fabrics, at 1-573-761-7313  or
  EMAIL her at  specialtyquilts@mchsi.com 

I'm sorry but at this time I would rather not mess with the individual sales end of the pattern business.  That's why I have them at these stores.  Maybe someday I will have an internet store or I could set up a paypal account and get my daughter to handle the shipping end.  She lives in town and would have easy access to UPS or Fed/EX or the post office.   I live 30 miles from there.  We have talked about that before, but have not done anything about it yet.  Sorry! 

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