Sunday, May 9, 2010

maybe sunday night head start of the template

But only if I can figure out how to attach a PDF so things will print out the correct size.  Still looking, have placed pdf in google docs.  If you are reading this and speak normal instead of computer geek, email me!!! 

and here is the Layout Template for the MONDAY Mystery Stitch........

Mystery Stitch layout template.

Grab your background fabric, fold in it in half both directions and mark lightly or crease well to find centers. Transfer template to fabric, I use water soluble blue pens to transfer becasue I make tracing errors you can see the yellow green one tomorrow, you can see what I did smack dab in the middle. If you are not using a water soluble pen, DO NOT make any marks in the center circle. Only SOLID lines will be stitched. Dotted or dashed are only registration marks. If you are only stitching in one color, do an outline stitch (or backstitch if you wish) of the whole whole thing I would NOT stitch the outside circle. If you are using several colors pick one and stitch around one petal unit only until you decide what to do after you see part B. This will be part A. and you will get the filler for it tomorrow.  Are you ready for some fun? Come back later for PART A.  talk to you soon. Cyndi


  1. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, Cyndi.

  2. Could you please tell me how you did manage it to put the pdf through goole docs on your blog. I can't figure out how it works.
    Hope you had a wondeful mothersday !!!
    My email is

  3. Looks too trickey for me!
    But I did finish the last mystery...will try to email you a photo.


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