Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mystery Stitch part B & a giveaway

Here are my four versions, red/cream is the original, black/white the easiest, the tan/black and the chatruese/turquoise combos have some extra stitching in them just for fun.  I use 2 strands of embroidery floss.  Have fun!

here is the PDF form for the pattern

If you're just joining in, here are the links to the mystery stitch 1 layout and part A

more pictures of part B
See why I use water soluble markers to stitch on...never can draw things the same twice or, sometimes I edit while I stitch, lol!  Who is going to know? This red and cream version is the original.  The stitches are a little closer together than in black/white version.  This is an outline stitch and a blanket stitch combined with a running stitch.  The black and white version I did a row of outine stitch and then blanket stitch from opposite in varying lengths, the middle row is blanket stitch from opposites sides, the third row is opposite of the first row the corner like the first.
Below I had some fun with stitches, mixing colors to match my fabrics, adding a couple more rows to get more colors in.  On the small corner, I ran all 6 strands of a different color under the blanket stitch.  Blanket stitch worked in different colors from opposite sides
NOTE too that I outlined this petal in the teal rather than the chartreuse and that I have begun to outine the next petal in another blue.   Below is the fabric I chose for this version.

If you're interested I'm also having a giveaway, you can join in the fun here,

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  1. This is really looking like a fun little project. Love it.


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