Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Part D PLUS

SORRY, I'm late...........Okay here's the last part.  Keep in mind this was a part of a secret santa project.  I put the parts of this little mystery quilt in little bags that and gave one secretly to Betty every month to keep her a little confused. (we start secret santa in July or so)   She was trying so hard to figure out who her secret Santa was.  The parts of this mystery she got every month gave her something else to wonder about.  Sorry, but the directions on this one are a little goofy, Betty is an experienced seammstress and would know what I meant about the almost QST"S.  Just make them like the pictures. You'll have a few extra little leftover triangle pieces on this one.  Using up scraps and not trashing much of anything, was also why you got two quilts with maximum amount of different red and green fabrics.  Pieces are lettered out of order on purpose,and you may have to turn a piece or two around I can't remember......????  Did your think at first it was going to be flowers?  I thought it did.   You guys had a hint that she didn't have and that was that you were going to get 2 mini quilts, I'm sure she was trying to figure out how to put all of these parts together.  If you're doing this little mystery, email me pictures of your mini tops or quilts and I'll post them all together. 
It's fairly easy but if you can't figure out how to put your pieces together, I'll post the solution, along with pictures of mine and Betty's quilts tomorrow.


Next up the Monday Mini STITCHING MYSTERY.  Okay I got started Friday night sketching out the finer details and then went to work the next day.  Now when I got home from work, I flipped the tv on.  I need "white noise" on when I am in the house.  But the TV was on dish 157 the ovation channel.........never watched this channel before,,,,,,,,,,,,, I usually don't even get a "choice" about watching anything on the dish, someone else is watching hunting or racing or sports, yea. NOT!  But they were not home....... 
 I am now suffering from SENSORY OVERLOAD................. this weekend must have been a designers marathon on 157.  I saw architects, painters, fashion designers, everything everything everything!!!!  I am like a sponge soaking up all the details, textures, colors, etc.  I am just wallowing in the pretty inages I saw this weekend!!  So while I was transferring my mystery design to fabric I was imagining all sorts of I had to stop and scribble down some ideas, which lead me to more ideas...........!  Before I get this stitching mystery even really started, I think that I'm going to do in about 4 color variations, and from that stemmed off another idea, that I think I will sell as completed items and also patterns, so I want to work on those too.  Worst thing is, I have to work work, I need to change jobs but can't afford to.  One of these days maybe..............................??? one can on dream!!!

Anyway I am behind at what I was going to tell you that you need, BUT basically for your MYSTERY STITCH supplies, find a pretty piece of fabric you want to use for a binding you will need  a BIAS strip about 2.25" or so by WOF, OR about 40" or so of piping.   Find a background solid or tonal that compliments your bias edge you a piece about 12"-12.5" square, and something for the back 12"-12.5" square too.  Choose your floss the from your fabric too, you won't a lot of anything.  Because I am a non-traditional redwork designer, I have to do it once with  DMC 498 red on Kona "snow"(almost white, but not quite), I also want to do DMC 310 Black on something, was going to do white, am leaning towards a darker gold tonal fabric.........must go shopping!!  But I might do black with bits of brighter colors on white as well as the black on antique gold too.  Have also pulled about 12 colors of floss to match a piece of fabric I bought a month or so ago, will check on those and let you know.  They range from celadon to a dark blue-green, plus brown.  There won't be a "surprise" with the last part of this mystery like with the patchwork mystery, only the mystery of what goes in the next space.  Once you get part 1 you will realize what shape it could be (have an alternate ending, more on that monday).  And I think you all will enjoy it.  I was going to make it super easy, but I am known for drawing "extra" details, I can't help's only a little more challenging, not hard at all!!!  When you get done, I hope people will go WOW!

Come back , patchwork mystery pictures revealed tomorrow.
A FREEBIE snowball stitchery will be posted on Wednesday,
 but it will only be available for a short time(maybe a week or so) !!!!!!!.  
I am going to replace one of the original snowballs that I'm not real wild about with the freebie one, it's way cuter!  The one I don't like is a square peg in a round hole, he's just out place.  I had pulled it out of a different pile of stuff to fill in, then later regretted it.
 Then we'll see what pops up between now and Monday with the MYSTERY STITCH and other things!
Sorry for all my tyops and grammer errors!!!! Bye for now, Cyndi


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