Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Secret Santa sisters mystery revealed

FOUND IT:::::::: my flashdrive was hiding, rolled up in the Monday mini mystery stitch project
that's coming up on this monday!!!
Here is Betty, (my secret santa sister from about 2007?), hiding behind the mini mystery quilts I had given her as bits and pieces and she assembled.  I don't know how much fun she had getting the little packages filled with fabric bits and some "directions," but I had a blast!!! 

......at this time Betty still didn't know who her secret santa person was, }B-D.  
 I didn't tell her until just a little later.     

Next up are the ones I did last week and finished the hemming on Monday AM before work.  (that is good for me......if I was on my usual "procrastinating" schedule I would have been hemming 
them THIS morning before work!!!!

Amazing how light changes things.  These are the same fabrics Betty used ( I dug out the box from that project with all the extra pieces still in the box and there was enough for me to do it too without having to go find anything other than batting., woohoo!), but they look a little different.  I took the picture outside about 6:30 pm CST last night.  Evening light and a green lilac bush really make the colors pop. 


  1. What a beautiful design. I am going to have to make it and follow along on the next mystery!!

  2. Cyndi, I did enjoy your mystery Secret Sister project. I have both of mine displayed all year along with the mine one you made. I get a lot of compliments on them.

  3. I came to your BLOG from Kathy Wagner's Blog. I will be making the Mystery block for my Quilt Buddy. She likes cardinals. Thanks for a easy pattern.


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