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I am asking for help, advice, information on the following..........

okay, I sell patterns similiar to these in that they are photo copies of my own this.........

mystery stitch part a

these are my questions......

Should I use a graphics program to clean them up or sell them as is......

If I should clean them up, what should I funds so photoshop is out, illustrator is still too high unless I can get my college kid to buy a student version...........I do NOT have a "tablet" or a "pen"..........even more $$.   I have a laptop, a mouse and very limited internet access.  My head is swirling with new vocabulary words, vectors, bezels, rasters, gimp, vector magic, inkscape etc etc confused!

 I do have MS office 7 with Publisher and paint.......okay,  you can stop laughing now.

Would love to hear your ideas, problems in same areas, information, etc etc.  I can't decide what to do about my patterns, Would love to sell more patterns need to know where to go, but  I know they need to be more professional.  But $$ and time are a big factor!!!  Was going to try pay pal but I have heard horror stories about paypal..........of those of you selling through paypal -PDF patterns & hard copy patterns,  Any ideas?????
please..........share anything!!!!! email me,  leave comments, whatever works,  Thanks CYNDI


  1. I see nothing wrong with the pattern that you are showing. That is how the other designers present their stitchery patterns. If I were you, I would sell them this way and when the $$ starts rolling in (by the truck load ;o)) then you can re-think your patterns. I just bought a pattern and paid $48 for it and it is a pile of &#@# BUT I love the quilt and I want to make it. You would be AMAZED (and not in a good way) as to what it looks like!! Pencil drawing with scribbles all over it and no full scale drawing of the applique- just a small sketch.
    So go with what you have got!! Looks great! Someone on my side-bar had the same dilemma about selling hard copies vs PDF and the vote came out PDF-if the pattern was cheaper...she just wrote about this...wish I could remember who it was!!?? Sorry...hopefully you will hear from other designers. Take care!

  2. I wish I had some answers. I am at the same phase as you - and have published several patterns, but I wish I knew what software the "professionals" use.

  3. I have purchased many patterns over the years and the majority of them wear simply printed on A4 computer paper and they added a pretty printed cover with an image of the completed pattern,fold in half and slide into a clip lock bag, or another one I have a few of they have done the same but put a pretty paper on the outside of the pattern sheets and attatched a photo example of the completed pattern. Both a simple and reasonably cheap to do. If you have a catering supplies shop near you, they often carry many sizes of clip lock bags that have no print on them, and alot cheaper than the supermarket type. Hope this helps. I wouldn't go splashing out on expensive programs, just a good printer is all you need!

  4. I think for stitchies, and for that matter many othe patterns photocopied drawings,are better than computer edited

    I have quite a few stitchie and clothing patterins nit the style that cottage suggests (zip lock bag with printed page of photo and brand on front side and requirements on back side .... picture everything folded in half and slid into the bag

  5. I don't mind the photocopied hand designs. As long as they are to scale and clearly written. I've read many blogs where they talk about their patterns being printed from their home printer and they sell lots. I sell crochet PDFs and I haven't had any problems with PayPay nor have I heard any scary stories. Not sure if that's normal or lucky. I do like to buy things using PayPal but if there isn't a button for it, I do have the PayPal debit card. Plus, I could use my debit card through PayPal if I wanted. The PayPal button is just easier than getting up and grabbing my wallet lol.

  6. I haven't had any problems yet with PayPal as a customer, but I haven't sold anything.
    I bought a very expensive block of the month pattern ($10 per month for block pattern only) that has the instructions typed but has mostly hand drawn illustrations and I really like it.
    I have no experience with computer programs so can't offer any advice.
    Good luck!

  7. I see nothing wrong with your hand-drawn design. Using a computer program doesn't necessarily mean it will be higher quality or easier to read; I've seen it go both ways. I want understandable images which are to scale and a decent size, along with clear and readable instructions. Your handwriting is fine! If you then also copy/print them out clearly and put them on decent paper, it's good. It's always nice if there's a color image of the finished piece too, either a photo or a laser printed image (so the ink doesn't run).

    I have used Paypal as a buyer and seller with no problems. If the 'horror stories' are fees you don't want to pay, then just be sure you've looked into what those fees are so you're informed up front and can adjust your prices if you need to.

    One thing that may apply: I love those snowmen you're giving away for the SMS Giveaway (which is how I found you) and I tried to find an online source to buy them, with no luck. If I missed something, please share! If that's the whole point of where you're going with this, sorry!

  8. I use pay pal and ave no real serious issues. It ticks me off sometimes but that is it. As long as you keep an eye on your account and such, you should be fine. Make sure you have authorised all transactions and such, because I do know they try and slip some in on some people. As with all things just watch them,

    I like the way your pattern looks now. Your drawings are good and as long as clear directions are given, you will be fine with pdf versions, which I do buy alot.

    All the above ladies I agree with indeed. Lots of good ideas and such. DO not spend crazy money on soemthing really.

    Good Luck


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