Tuesday, May 4, 2010

solution to mystery 1

Here's the solution in case you haven't figured it out, I'll post pictures of the ones Betty and I made later today (as soon as I find my temporarily misplaced picture flashdrive.) (:-O   I had it this morning.  It probably fell between something in tote.  Need to figure out how to attach it to my pretty key fob from Cyndi but it doesn.t have a hole to attach a key ring, or transfer my pictures to a flashdrive that does have a key ring hole.  Hope you had fun!  Come back for more fun tomorrow.  Going to post a Freebie Snowball, but it will only be available for a short while. 

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  1. How very clever and so cute! I have been reading all the parts to this, but not making it since I'm not a quilter and I'm sure that my bits and parts wouldn't have matched up and come out looking like a bird! LOL!!! Maybe I need to make you a little case to keep your picture flash drive in! Or better yet, a bag with lots of pockets! ;o)




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