Tuesday, July 3, 2007

OMG july is already here

I can NOT believe July is here already, i am not ready for it to be HOT! but so far it hasn't been hot but you know it's coming if not in July then it will in august, and I'm NOT a hot weather person. i much prefer spring and fall. anyway, i have started 3 more elf quilts in 3 different colors on 3 different backkgrounds, i already have at least one done in each color so that i can shop for fabrics. i did these sets square rather than on point because many did theirs that way and it gives people more options. i am also setting them together with 3 different sets of blocks. i think this will be fun. i am excited, i need more time though, really how much sleep does one really need!!??????

I am also excited about starting our secret santa brown bag project in our quilt group. i still haven't decided what to put in my bag, i have until thursday am to decide. I'll be "shopping" in the spare bedroom tomorrow looking for fabrics.

until I have more interent access time, i'll be stitching away, either at my sewing machine on by hand on the elves. HERE"S TO CREATING............enjoy the process even if the results are what you expected..............................sometimes they're waaaaaayyyyyy better!