Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A WICKED October 31st

Halloween has always been a fun holiday in our family, probably a little more for us than most.  The next few things my give you an hint as to why...... 
Stalked by a Coffin... 

... A man was walking home alone late one night when he hears a BUMP...BUMP... BUMP... behind him. Walking faster he looks back, and makes out the image of an upright coffin banging its way down the middle of the street towards him ...BUMP... BUMP... BUMP...
Terrified, the man begins to run towards his home, the coffin bouncing quickly behind him ...faster... faster... BUMP...BUMP...BUMP. He runs up to his door,fumbles with his keys, opens the door,rushes in, slams and locks the door behind him. However, the coffin crashes through his door, with the lid of the coffin clapping ...clappity-BUMP... clappity-BUMP...clappity-BUMP...on the heals of the terrified man.
Rushing upstairs to the bathroom, the man locks himself in. His heart is pounding; his head is reeling; his breath is coming in sobbing gasps. With a loud CRASH the coffin breaks down the door. Bumping and clapping towards him. The man screams and reaches for something, anything ... but all he can find is a box of cough drops!
Desperate, he throws the cough drops at the coffin... .. and of course....... the coffin stopped

hahaha :D  (I heard jokes like this all my life.)

next up:

Coffin Cookie bowl (I gave this to my SIL, who is quite the baker) who now has shared it by passing it on to her daughter. It's rather an odd bowl for most of you, but perfect for our family. I laughed when I saw it and snatched it right up. 
yep, COFFIN that's my maiden name
So, as a result of my maiden name being Coffin, I have probably heard every Coffin, coughin', coughing or dead joke imaginable..... My 10th grade substitute geometry math teacher filled me(and the class) in almost daily on any I any have missed. lol  Good thing I have a good sense of humor and knew he was joking, other wise it might have almost been considered bullying (through humiliation.) SO as I said Halloween has been a fun holiday for everyone in the family.  One of youngest daughters has the bug  and dresses for Halloween every year..(she's 30).  But I take to the lighter side of Halloween and not so much to the creepy dark side of the blood and gore..... and the movies that go with it.  There's too much of that in real life for me play around with it at Halloween, but I do laugh at those who do in a light-hearted way, am not much on really scaring the wits out people. 

They sat if the hat fits wear it and this is more me....a jokester witch, somewhere between Glinda the good witch, and her sister, the WICKED witch of the west and we all know what happened to her......

(but I do keep my eye to the sky for falling houses)

SO as I am writing this it's Tuesday October 30, and I am counting down the hours, minutes, seconds to the witching hour when WICKED begins
and for me 12:00 am Wednesday October 31.... in the meantime I'm relaxing... did you ever wonder why witches wear point shoes?? Because regular ones hurt our feet....

I was contemplating my next victim......um er, project... UR Priceless Coin Purses
 it starts November     ....have I started mine?
.... nope, that's why I'm waiting....
my WICKED witchy Wand to start warmig up.   I want it to go

and produce a couple cute and pricless coin purses for me.   It only works on Halloween though.....IF you try to use it BEFORE that time the WICKED WAND of FATE takes ahold and you never know what happens when you wave that wand......
Oh the hours drag on, and I flew by my daughter's house....

She was hanging around outside, bored, waiting for the witching hour to begin.  

 You can she she went all in for the newest in high tech brooms, mine plain ole, plain ole.  But it gets me where I'm going just without as much flash, she leaves a purple glittery smoke in her wake. . 
I bought this sign for my daughter, but everyone in the family tells me they misspelled a word......hmm  I wonder???

It's getting closer, the witching hour, can you feel the excitement, are you filled with desire?  I went searching for a hat, did you see it earlier, and I found one alright and although it was cute, it was very tall but a bit too small.  It just wasn't quite right.  So I sketched on some paper with pencils and pens, and giggled as I drew, thinking that if those who knew, that I stitched up some bowls, that got quite big, saw the technique I used, they would have flipped their wig.  So here is my piecing for all to see, no paper involved except for a rough sketch of the idea.....

And my below, Maybe not WICKED but Witchy, definitely..
my friend Itsy Bitsy all pink and pretty is hanging on it by a thread.

OH the clock is about midnight and I already started sewing, because you have to have a beginning to have an end..... now where is that wand, because I need it already............"abbra cadabra, ssssnipet  rippit and .......
OH hell, wrong spell.... and to early to boot.  Now look what's happened to me

and this is where I should have stopped.  But oh no I tried that WICKED wand
 again and hit hit me with an epic fail. 

So back to the drawing board, (without that wand) and below is what I have to giveaway, because like Madam Samm says EVERYONE is a winner... Click below pic if you want a PDF of the SPELL GONE WRONG Pattern (a new an improved version)  from google docs. 

Now THANK YOU to Madam Samm for coming up with these crazy FUN blog hops and finding GREAT sponsors like RILEY BLAKE fabrics, hop over there too!! They have all sorts of fun things going on!!  Thank you Riley Blake!  And  lastly THANK YOU to Casper's best Friend Miss WENDY at Why Knot Kwilt, our WICKED CHEERLEADER, who does all the pushing, cajoling and encouraging without being Witchy, just WICKED, lol!!
 Now, you've been here long enough, off with you,  drop down below to see where to go next.

Wednesday, October 31st hop on
to see what others have brewed up today!!  It's the very last day, if you miss it you'll be turned into a frog, and I've got the WICKED WAND that'll do it........ HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!!</; ^ ) a ahahahahahaha into the night... ------E .  . . .. poof

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch  YOU ARE HERE

Hop along and have a Wicked Wicked Time!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A WICKED announcement......

For the last month or so 100 Wicked people have been twitching their noses and snapping their fingers.  SPELLS have been cast, and things have been brewing.   Things have been chopped, pickled and stirred, and now there are WICKED, wicked, wicked things for you to see.  From monday Oct 22 till Halloween night you can hop by the blogs listed below day by day to see what WICKEDNESS  they've been up to. Things will be WICKED, they will be BAD (which is really, really good in a very WICKED way!!!)
Monday, October 22nd

Tuesday, October 23rd

Wednesday, October 24th

Thursday, October 25th

Friday, October 26th

Monday, October 29th

Tuesday, October 30th

Wednesday, October 31st

Hop along and have a Wicked Wicked Time!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Leafs me happy

Fall Leafs Me Happy............... Well, as usual I jumped into the fire with both feet......... I was so excited being in another of Madam Samm's blog hop that I failed to really READ all the requirements until last Sunday evening when I thought I had better get to starting something.   I wanted to create (and did) something to give away as a pattern.  and  then while I was reading through of my emails about the hop and noticed that I was supposed to use fall fabric...OOPS!  I was just going to use fall colors.......so I sketched up my pattern to give away and went to pull some fabrics...mmm not much here..so I shelved that I idea and worked on something else.   Then Monday night I grabbed my phone and went tromping in the woods and scouring the woods fall colors since most of the trees are still green or completely brown having died during the extended drought we had earlier, snapping pics............of what normally people think of as a spring flowering tree.  I live right next to the woods, raw, unkempt brushy woods, complete with wild animals, bugs spider webs by the hundreds and weeds, particularly poison ivy and something that grows wild in my area, also known the Missouri state tree....
picture of a spring flowering dogwood from Duke University

close up from Missouri gardens.
below is a collage of my pictures.....fall dogwood colors
the Flowering Dogwood Tree I was amazed at how how much fall color I found in all the  dogwoods back there even berries.  So I broke off small bits and brought the back to the house where I carefully changed clothes to minimize any exposure to poison ivy and small itchy bugs!!! yikes
I was going to make my own fall fabric, so then I grabbed my tools, fabric, my blue washable pens crayons, and started drawing... and then coloring and not stopping there, followed by some stitching.  Lately, it seems I have to try to put some twilling stitches in everything I do, see below.

At first I was going to leave it but then anyone who know me knows sometimes I just can leave things alone.........and this is what Leafs Me Happy..............

I am really happy about how it turned out.  It has a ruched piped edge.  And yes Madam Samm it is a pillow slip so it may be changed out for different seasons, (or my real reason, washing!!)
sorry this picture is on it's side and fuzzy.

And now for my pattern giveaway, because everyone is a winner here, a new twilled pumpkin click here for PATTERN FREEBIE,download as a PDF. from google docs.

Thank you to Cherry, Cherry Blossom's Quilting Studio And Madam Samms at Sew We Quilt for Doing such a nice job organizing all this fun. Now hop on to these other people's blogs below to see what fall goodness they have. Don't forget next up there will be the Wicked Bog Hop hosted By Casper's best friend WENDY, possbly a Wicked Witch, ( hee hee!!)   on Cherry's sidebar and below ) Mdm Samm will also have a Pinterest page here for all particpants' photos.

Tuesday 9

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Leafs Me happy announcement

nothing new from me to look at but an announcement: I am a part of Leafs Me Happy blog hop. It will run from October 1 to October 10.  Each day about a dozen people will show you their fall quilt blocks they have created for this hop.  I will have my day on Tuesday, October 9, until then hop below or over to Cherry's at Cherry Blossom's Quilting Studio or Madam Samms at Sew We Quilt to see who is on the schedule ( which is on Cherry's sidebar and below ) for each day and then go see what fall loveliness they have made and wish to share with all of us.  Hop on over and give everyone some encouragement !!  They've worked hard to create something.....there are beginners and experienced people alike..... and skills vary as much as tastes.  Don't forget at one time you were a beginner too.  Always be a Cheerleader, not the person who is always pointing out every little mistake or yelling at the ref's or coach!!   Mdm Samm will also have a Pinterest page here for all particpants' photos.

First up for Leafs Me Happy today, MONDAY OCTOBER 1 are: