Saturday, December 11, 2010

freebie rerun

If you missed it before, here is a link to a pdf for Snowball 17, if you want to print it out it's supposed to be a 6.5" or so circle but since I played with the scan to put it on my header now I'm not sure it will print out correctly so you may want to double check and adjust.  I doesn't really matter what size you make it.  I made 2 of them as 4" ornaments.
Am sitting here babysitting GD #3 who is now sleeping and her dog along with her Aunt's dog, and am watching "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye while writing this blog........... I just let the dogs out  (and I have to tell you the boys took a  very quick potty trip outside.........because) .............
Yippee.!!!!.....we're seeing our first snow tonight, it hasn't really accumulated because it is blowing so hard that is must be blowing over to the next county, lol!! But there are little piles of snow here and there where it has caught on things like the flower planter and rug on the deck, and temperature is very cold so we probably won't get much.  Kind of funny going from 50+ degrees yesterday and now snowing tonight.............Maybe the fact that Aunty Sarah came down and make Christmas cookies all day with the girls, made it snow???  The dogs love making anything with little girls because they appreciate every stray crumb and bits or pieces that drop on the floor, lol!!!!     more later............Cyndi


Monday, December 6, 2010

Mystery Monday HOW # 15

I'm glad I didn't get my drawings this morning scanned because I think I came up with some better ideas at lunch, but I needed a little time to clean them up.  So this week's HOW's are all of us at this time of year running here running there........

 I did get things drawn for this week but have not had anytime to stitch for a long time, so no samples to look at, sorry!!!!  Well I have to go back to time to blog tonight, got all the blocks done for quilt but had to un-sew 11....................just could not let some intersections go out like that, and one block had two parts (not one, nooooo...2!!) sewn in that were turned 45 degrees, stuck out like a sore thumb in the quilt too!!.  so back to re-sewing, then sewing the blocks all together, and finish up Paulette's ornaments........I put them aside and have not gotten back to them. They and AnnaLisse's gifts need to be mailed..............I am terrible at getting things in the mail.  .   Hopefully I will get back to normal blogging and emailing by the end of this week, I'm sure I've missed out on some great blogs.  Will try to go back to read old emails and other's posts to catch up on most everything!!

Need to blog on things I've received.  I got a bunch of goodies from my Ohio Twin, Cyndi from bluebirdswing, and a really cute tote bag made by Betty of luv2sew filled with more goodies as a thank you from my quilting chicks bunch.    

HOW will be late

I got them drawn but not scanned.  Will get them scanned this evening,  so check back tonight.