Friday, April 29, 2011

more pennies for rylee freebies

Here are some more of the penny square patterns for the quilt "Pennies for Rylee".

Ooops it appears I missed scanning correctly, you may have to draw in the left most part of the baby boy shoe.

Quick and easy little penny squares from this quilt below, plus some for girls.  Directions yet to follow.  Embroider them on them on 6.5" squares. 

What's really cool is this antique wicker stroller that the quilt is laying on.  Wish I could show you more, but I cropped most of it out, so the quilt would be more of the focal point. I don't think I have the original photo anymore.  I used it while it was at a consignment store to take the picture.  I am pretty sure it's still for sale.  It's so cool!!   If I was a professional photographer I would snatch that stroller up. 
Enjoy your day!!  For once, it's sunny here, second day in a row with NO rain!  need more time to stitch something, anything!!  Cyndi


Monday, April 25, 2011

am stitching again, finally

I hope you all had a nice Holiday.  Nothing at my house. I did go spend some time with my parents, and siblings and some of my kids. But it rained, and was fun but dreary.  Who would have thought an Easter this late in the year would have been so dreary and wet. 
Anyway, while catching up on some old blog posts on some of my favorite blogs, I ran across someone who is doing a BOM called Crazy Cats.  Now these blocks are as cute as can be but they are supposed to be appliqued.  ( I do intend to do them applique as well.)  But in the mean time, the bottom picture is how I did them Thursday night and Friday night. 
But FIRST here they are as HELENA did them.


What's so great is these CRAZY CATS got me stitching again!!!!!!! 
 I made them 50% of the original size for a mini wall hanging for my office.  They are perfect, quick and cute, definitely right up my alley.  They each only took less than 2 hours.
I did them in redwork, one of my favorite mediums!  They are first stitching I've done in months.  Now maybe I can finish something I started at my daughter's month's ago.  The worst part now will be waiting each month for the other cats.  ; )   But to entertain myself even more I am going to do these cats super mini too (ornament size),  THANK YOU HELENA.
I will post some more of Pennies for Rylee soon.  I still need to fix the directions. have a good day, or evening! Maybe soon I'll even draw something soon, one can only hope.  Cyndi

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the CR quilt & freebies

Before the bottom fell out of my world, I did manage to finish the top my daughter's friend's asked me to make for her sister.  It is a CR quilt (Crown Royal).  I did not get it done on time but I did manage to struggle through and get it done so she could have it for Valentines Day.  Since I did not get it done as planned, I did not charge her.  I apologize for the unappealing photos.  It 's very hard to take pictures of a black quilt period, then in poor light and compounded by my inability to take a decent picture. So, here are some of the pictures I have.  It' s mad of solid black plus 3 black prints and the purple Crown Royal bags that I cut into pieces, lots of pieces!!!
(excuse the stuff my daughter had next to her bed.  I didn;t move it, was in a hurry)
Hopefully once the owner has it quilted she'll send me a picture!! 

There are 3 different blocks that make up the quilt.

Here's one more of it.  My daughter tried to take this one with the window shining through it, not good , but you can see more of pf the whole quilt.  Quilt, unbound, measures 118 in x 118 in.

Here's some more free stitch patterns for the baby quilt.

Enjoy these and hope everyone is happy, calm and stitching something today!!  I 'll pop in and see what you're up to one of these days.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pennies for Rylee pages 7 & 9

Didn't like the header, So will putting a picture of the pattern in each post with these pattern pages.

and in case you are wondering............I just picked another page.  Pages 3-6 and 8 will show up later.

You maybe could use the bunny, chick or lamb for Easter???
Seems to me the bunny was a bit oversized. You may have to shrink it a little.

These patterns are from this quilt pattern below.
Check earlier posts for other pages.
Have fun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pennies for Rylee page 2

link to google docs pdf : Pennies for Rylee page 2
First of all, Thank you for all the heart warming comments.  I love all of you!! Here's page 2 of about 15-16?. Anyone done the first ones?  One thing about them is, they're quick and easy.  
NOTE: if you're just joining in, this is the picture of the quilt these patterns are for. 

Directions to follow in a few days.  See more on my previous post.  Bee back to see you is a few days. Have fun!! Cyndi

Thursday, April 7, 2011

starting over

pdf link for Pennies for Rylee Page 1
from the pattern on my header
pages will be from this pattern

Hello spring to all of you, At least I think it is finally spring??....... it has been a winter that seemed to last forever and then some. There's something about starting over, I'm not ready at the moment to tell all that has happened to me, a few of you know and that's all for now.  You know I have not blogged for quite awhile but I also have not read emails or done much of anything for months.  Physically I am fine, but emotionally a train wreck.  But a few days ago I began to talk to a few people and read a few blogs here and there and answered a couple of emails, so I am going begin my life again,  to start over, it's my only choice, am not ready to give up completely, sewing and crafting and all that surrounds it, like you my wonderful friends, is what feeds my heart and soul.  So here I am, starting over.
What I am going to give to you over the next few weeks are stitch patterns from a quilt pattern I designed for my grandson, 7 years ago see the header photo.............. I am going to break up this pattern and give you these designs for your own use, please do not sell things only give!!!.  In the next couple of days I'll post the directions(Sorry I just noticed the directions need teaking for the setting style above.) And FYI as you can see Rylee's quilt is shades of blues, but after I made his, I tried a second version on the design wall, (thank you design wall, it saved me a lot of time) it was scrappy 30's blocks (every block had different fabric colors plus snow white, blocks were stitched in the various colors too) would have been great for a baby boy or was a miss! The stitching disappeared because your eyes wander around seeking various colors in the blocks and you forgot/missed the stitching.  The third version was still various colors of 30's but used only one color per block with the snow kona, turned out much better.  But the blue version is still my favorite. If you're looking for something to do and you want to do this old fashioned baby quilt, you will need about 2.5 yds for the background fabric and stitched blocks (draw 6.5 squares , I cut them about 7",center design transfer in preferred method and stitch, then recut to 6.5 so as to keep reaveling to a minimum) and you also need about 32-35 (about 8-9")scraps or 3/4yd contrasting fabric (does not include any borders) Or you can use these easy baby/kids patterns to embellish something else with.  Either way have fun. 

Don't expect any silly chatter for now..... eventually I'll get back to regular chattiness.  But I will give you this bit of silliness, the Hatter told Alice, "You have have lost your muchness" , well she found hers and I hope mine will return too.  But I need to slay a couple of dragons, or at least run them off  Be back soon, I promise. Cyndi