Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Showers Mug Rug Hop

Is with a heavy heart that I dropped out of April showers mug rug hop. We received the news this last week that these next days will be my dad's last. The only good thing is that he is unaware of his situation. He fell into a coma about 36 hours after going to the VA for a checkup which was 3 1/2 weeks ago. He was having issues with falling and confusion with what we thought was Parkinson's. The VA drs thought he had an infection of some sort and ran every test possible at least twice I think. No stroke, no additional seizures. When nothing presented, they looked elsewhere. Turns out he has inoperable bladder cancer and no one knew till last week. It is so advanced it has spread to his spine which was probably the cause of the jerky shakiness, confusion and shuffling feet Drs thought was Parkinson's diagnosed in October. We are spending his last days with him. I'm sorry I had to drop out. When life gets back to somewhat normal I will go back and read the rest of the stitch me up posts i missed and the April showers posts too. I miss all of blog land haven't been here for weeks. This should really be a happy time my middle daughter gets married first weekend in May but its all rather somber and I feel bad for her too. Best to all of you, don't forget to tell your loved ones how much you care, sometimes the chance slips away before you know it. Cyndi. I don't have my laptop with me its at home, so I can't link up schedule. I don't even know how to make this a link back to Erin from my phone.. copy and paste for schedule

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MY part of Stitch me up patterns

I'm so sorry dad is in hosp, not well at all and I have been absent from net sometimes even work, Thank you for all the nice comments they mean a lot and I'm sorry I haven't had time to respond......but I did read them off my phone a few here and there....Mara reminded me this morning that I forgot to post a link to MY portion only of the stitch me up patterns............  They are for you not to re-sell..........have fun play experimenting with different threads, number of strands even mixing colors of strands etc most of all have fun!!  NOTE:  you may want to look through it BEFORE printing it.....has LOTS of pages, lol!!! you may only print what you want to play with :)  see below for link.  Have a great day..

Monday, March 25, 2013

Stitch Me Up

Stitch Me Up.....My invitation to you to play with stitches, patterns, colors & textures.
Mdm Samm  of Sew WE Quilt the blog hop Queen asked us to draw something for bog hop, THANK YOU Samm, and this is what I did for everyone who participated.  Everyone had a chance to stitch beautiful designs from Debbie at Busy as Can Be who does a lot of redwork and  Mdm Samm , her wee tots are so cute.  Samm also came up with a collection of Presencia Finca Perle Cotton thread  in a size 12...............and some John James needles from Colonial Needle, out super sponsor.    You should TRY THEM both.  You will LOVE the Presencia Thread and the needles!!!!  Wonderful Presencia threads, that we had an opportunity to buy.. in a collection.   I bought mine directly from Colonial Needle before they were available from Jane at Jane's Fabric and Quilts.  The owner was quite helpful and got the order to me even though they weren't online yet....I bought a whole bunch of colors, hid the ones that weren't part of Samm's selection.  I hid them so well, I still can't find them.  But I'll find them when looking for something else.  Please try them they are sooooo nice stitch with. Different than floss.  And also I want to mention a special ThankYou to Mary Corbett of Needle 'N Thread for putting together such a great collection of everything about embroidery for the beginner to the expert and for the historians who are interested in stitchery from all sorts of areas, books reviews, you name it and she's got something about it.

First up is my original sketch, which my stitchy friends said OMG are you nuts? So I toned it down, and then some pics of the whole process, I probably sketched around on about 100 sheets of recycled computer paper from work.  Picture of sample stitchings from the original ideas,  the rough sketches etc...... and my original sketches,  stitched things,  

Then out got out my supplies (don't peek, this is part of the end)
 Just look at the Presencia thread, lol!!

Then I drew some pattern fills in my flower and started stitching...........please note that I changed my mind two or three times during the stitching... see blue images with other patterns stitched over....this happens a lot, lo!!!
here's a close up below rinsed clean of blue lines and scribbles
and this is what I made... You saw the inside above.  It's a big stitch bag about 10x12 x 2" thick

then I made a little one and couldn't decide on a mini stitch book or checkbook cover but it's a combination that I can use either way or both.

The I made a clutch with soft wool in brown and back houndstooth with a natural linen and that heavy type of interfacing its about 8x11.
Color was sooo dark tried to lighted got weird shadows, I need one of those reflector things and better light in the first place, Sorry its really pretty.

here's all three
another peek inside...pincushion needs a ribbon tacked on to keep scissors in place,
there's about  
2.5 of the heart not sewn to pocket to tuck scissors in.

Love the thread cards even of they cost a bunch!!
My APOLOGIES to Samm and Debbie, I had intended to show what I was working on from your designs but they are at home and home is 35 miles away............I am so sorry.   I loved them all but only had a little done on each, life has interrupted.... I will post them as soon as I get back to the house but that looks like might be awhile yet.. Dad out of ICU Saturday and today moved out of the step down unit today into a regular room. I left quickly the other night because  snow was coming Sunday and I left to stay closer to hospital and that bag stayed at home.  This is some of the drifts I've seen today on my way from work to mom's.  Sorry about weird angle was driving.. very slowly and opened door for quick snap.  This is what came yesterday... it snowed sideways and then blew today and started snowing again this evening not supposed to accumulate  It was 60+ last week, ground was warn so snow didn't stay on roads long and snowplows got most under control.  but it snowed so much grass areas are covered 3"-8" with drifts here there up to 4'.
I also have to say I have seen some GREAT stitchy things made by you so far of everything and then some, Great job to those ladies and Gents!! Can't wait to see what the rest you have in store for us.. Come with me, this the where we go after you finish here.
Here's the line up for the rest of today and the rest of the week.  If you are just joining us and missed the beginning, hop over to Jane's for the schedule on her sidebar. other wise read on ...... :)


Kristin @That Other Blog

Patricia @That Other Blog
Madame Samm alway the BEST!!

I think the next hop is with Erin, April Showers and mug rugs.........I can't wait forAPRIL it is snowing here, AGAIN, tonight!!!  We have 4' drifts in some areas on the way to work.  Usually this time of year people are antsy trying to put corn in the ground.  This year the wheat is only a few inches tall and covered with snow. 
If you have read al the way to here, you get a prize..  come back Monday or let me know in your message and I
I'll send you a link next week for a copy of MY PORTION ONLY of the Stitch Me Up Patterns to play with.
I've got to go.... am going to Needled d She's up after me.  Bye :) Cyndi


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

STITCH ME UP-handstitching hop

Have you heard the STITCH ME UP BLOG HOP, the fun begins tomorrow Wednesday MAY 20, 2013......... If you like handstitching and playing with thread and color, untangle yourself from your thread and hop along to see what everyone has done. 

Mdm Samm asked Debbie from Busy As Can Bee, (who does wonderful redwork patterns, some to buy and she has some for free, be sure to get by there !!!) and myself to draw up something to use as an embroidery challenge blog hop.  I thought about it for a long time.  I tried to come up with something easy for the beginners and yet challenging for the experienced if they chose to do it that way. (Sometimes it's just as nice to do something simple.)  I gave them lots of options so it will be fun to see what the others are doing with all they were given.  Then as icing on the cake, Mdm Samm dropped in some of her cute patterns for us to stitch too.  OH my the fun is about to begin for all of you and all of us too!!!!!!
And if that isn't fun enough, She introduced a lot of us to Colonial Needle and Presencia Threads and their 12 wt finca perle cotton...........oh my,  it has been a DREAM to stitch with and you will love it too.  It is different than floss in many ways........all good!!!.

Click here to go to see JANE, our fun loving cheerleader, at Jane's Fabrics and Quilts for the STITCH ME UP BLOG HOP she has the schedule on the sidebar every day if you get lost or like me behind and a good selection of the Presencia #12 thread. 

Click here to go to see Mdm SAMM, and all her crazy, well organized, blog hop happiness.  She is ALWAYS coming up with fun stuff for people to do.  She has a Pinterest page of each of her hops too just in case you missed one.

Here is the schedule starting Wednesday MAR 20, 2013.

Stitch Me Up Schedule


I'll see you Tuesday the 26th.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

just call me Nancy....

I've got the flu
or a's only the beginning and I feel crummy and am into my 2nd half gal of OJ. 
I'm sorry post is short and a mystery.  I love pincushions all kind and is my Nancy Drew project  it is a mystery on how it's made but is easy once you know the clues.  I cannot tel them they are not mine to give,....loook for a pattern ?? harlequin pillow?  9.00?? I like my pincushions kind of like bean bags so they are 1/2 filler and 1/2 poly beads like in the old beanie give them some weight....:)
Thank you to Mdm Samm for put thing this Mystery HOP together and Carol for keeping us all in line..  :)  and sponsor MODA who has great fabrics, great service and super designers!

 didn't my Nancy Drew fabrics make a cute pincushion.. :)
it was made with 15 - 2.5" squares The practice one in background on left is  3 or 3.5?  the other i a  Biscornu pincushion sorry flu got the best of me. 
Here's the list of every one else hop by their house too,
Friday, March 8, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nancy Drew, Is A Clue, and I haven't a clue, really!

I jumped on an off this hop a few times because of the availabilty last fall and that was quite a mystery to solve but Sammie Sleuth, donned her hat and got in the trenches to bring us a different one lickety split, lol.  But finally the fabric came in and NOW it's time for a Mystery, Nancy Drew is a CLUE!!!  Are you ready to gather any clues you find and possibly win a prize??   A big THANKS to Mdm Samm and her Cheery Cheerleaders Carol for this one, and Moda as a sponsor.  It's bound to be a great Nancy Drew ADVENTURE for you!  It begins today!!!
Here's the whole schedule.........where are you going first??

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 

Thursday, March 7, 2013 

Friday, March 8, 2013 

Monday, March 11, 2013 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 

Thursday, March 14, 2013 

Friday, March 15, 2013 
You can also hop over to Mdm Samm's pinterest page too for all the past. present and teaser boards for upcoming hops!!  :D...... click here
Thanks again Mdm Samm, Carol and Moda for a creative adventure!!