Sunday, June 27, 2010

monday mystery project

Today we have a quick project, they only take minutes
and they are easy as pie (no pun intended).

Hexie Coasters and more
sorry, seems as though pics are under exposed or over exposed 

Here is my pile of fabrics for one of version 4 the hexie coasters.

The first version I call it "the squares" I've seen about and heard a lot of places, but someone taught it to me, the second one "the triangles" I thought I had thought of on my own but in blog hopping, found out so did several other people.  And maybe others have thought of versions 3 and 4 but I have not seen them anywhere else yet.  But now they are yours to make as my monday mystery project.   Versions one through three take 5 charm squares, the last one takes 7.  The opening picture is of my version, following this are pictures of the pages that if you click on the page numbers below each page will take you to google docs where you can print off the whole page that you need in the correct size.  I had issues with my printer this evening so I could not print the patterns and then scan the pages as a pdf so these are jpegs and hopefully will print out the correct size.  Since the printer is being a poophead I can't double check it for you.  The only thing I am really concerned about is the template page.  Tne hexagon measures slightly less than 5" wide at it's widest point by I think 4.5" tall.  As long as it fits on your charm, I think it will be fine. 
I'm sorry, normally I would have put this all in one document. 
Now for those of you having Fouth of July parties wouldn't these be cute fun in red, white and blue?  Or in you or your signficant other's favorite sports teams' colors.   Just think of the possibities!!!!

HAVE FUN!!!  Here you go!  It's monday somewhere so I'm releasing it tonight!

Here's page 2




"CIty Play" By Cherry House Quilts

This quilt is City Play and is in the new book( a must buy!!!) by Cherry from Cherry House Quilts see below....
Canton Village Quilts and Cherry House Quilt two wonderful places filled with all sorts of goodies you ought to go visit today.  They also are having a great giveaway if you like those too! Look at one these quilts from Cherry House new book City Quilts called City Play.  Isn't it cool!  Go see!  Then gather a few 5" charms or 5" or larger scraps and come back tomorrow for my MONDAY MYSTERY PROJECT!  It's a quick 15-30 minute one day project.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snow in the heat of June

I'm tired of being hot and it's only June so, let's look at some cold snowy things.  This is a picture of an embroidered/stitched snow snowman throw/quilt I made for my SIL Claudia, started in Dec 06, finished in late May or early June 07.  Note: I am more of a stitcher and piecer than "quilter", so it is tied.  It has 11 snowman patterns from various designers that I have collected over the years that were snow related, and 5 from her very favorite artists.  Details about those below..........

Below is a tiny glimpse of the label on the back.  Sorry, I did not get a closer one.  The pictures were taken at a quilt show by the way.  Had my mom not entered the quilt in March for that June Quilt show in 2007, Claudia still be waiting for a finished product.  The deadline made me finish it.  For some reason self imposed deadlines don't really seem to work for me I need a deadline with possible penalites if not met, watched over from the quilt enforcement squad. (quilt police)

Here are her favorite artist's blocks........................drawn by

Lilly, her first granduaghter, age 5

Daisy her 2nd DGD, age 2 1/2?

makenna, my first grandaughter, age 5. 
Oh and by way, me, my mom and Claudia all thought these were tall snow people, WRONG!!!!......According to Makenna they are snowmen on two mountains................if only we knew what goes on in the minds of kids! lol!

Haylee,  my sister's oldest daughter, age 7

and Kelsie, my sister's DD#2, age 5

They drew such cute pictures and Claudia had no idea that her grandaughters, nieces and great niece had secretly drawn pictures for her, or that stitching them was it was in the works. When she got the blocks(yea, blocks) and fabric for Christmas and was thrilled to pieces.  I got them back assembled them into a quilt with wonky star block frames and tied it.  The patterns of the embroidered blocks ended up being all different sizes.  I didn't really think about that when I started stitching.  Thought they were about the same ............NOooooooo!! (OH yes, another one of my happy ending quiilting mishap adventures) Discovered the size difference after most were embroidered.  But I managed to get them squared up to 3 different sizes and with some clever cutting, added block frames to get them back to one size.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I have more happy ending quilt mishap adventures, but they will be for another day.  B-) DID  ANYBODY NOTICE ..... my sister, me and my SIL all have a daughter/granddaughters that are months apart? depending on what time of year is they're  all the same age. 

Below is the top of a wool pillow top before my mom made into a pillow and gave it to me for Christmas one year. I love it!  Thank you mom!

And in case you haven't cooled off enough, here are some of the ice storm pictures from winter before last I think.????

Correction, was Jan 2007.  That pile center left, is/was my neighbors' large pine

Found this one of ice skaters, DGD Makenna and ger friend Gracie, Makenna is on the left, it was her second time at the ice arena, Gracie's first. not bad.  Only took them a few times around with me to get them to release their death grip hold on the handrail lol!! 

Oh, here's another winter thing I found searching through my pictures.  A snowy table runner I made my secret santa sister quiltin chick, Carol.   We had to provide our sister with a swap bag of fabrics, several patterns and a list of idea's of what we would like.  We could use these or do something else you thought they would like.  I chose this using her fabrics and one of the patterns in one of her books.  I thought about making myself one and went out and bought some of the snowy center. It may even happen..........someday, lol!!

Am wishing I was in Australia about now, waaaaaayy cooler there. But no, I am melting in Missouri. Hope you are cool where you are this weekend.  Cyndi

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jenny has a new BOM stitch project

Have you seen this sneak peek????

Jenny of has posted a sneak peek at her free BOM for July to October.  A project that she is sharing with blogland.  It is Soooo cute and considering all her other work promises to be a fun project, and I can't wait.  After you get done looking around here, hop over there for more sneak pics and  a supply list.  I believe I will do mine in red, because I love redwork and don't have to buy anything!!!  However,  I could do two versions, some of these new fabrics are calling my name.......................what can I say?? I am still a fabricholic.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bees a buzzin' around the mystery stitch

For those of you wanting the alternate center here is a scanned copy of my work and a drawing.  Click on  the words under the drawing to get the link to google docs for download. 
Did you guys check out the back side of my redwork mystery stitch yesterday?  Not too bad, not quite up to great-grandma's standards, but not bad.
For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the vast array of stitches out there check Mary Corbet's Needlework n Thread site.  It is filled with oodles and boodles of anything that has to do with all things about embroidery.  A master stitcher she provides drawings and videos, pictures of lots of stitches, and  free patterns too.  Anytime you need an embroidery question answered, start there.  Don't be confused by the ads etc all over her site, just scroll around, down the sides and the bottom for the goodies.  The SEARCH box is all the way at the bottom in the red footer.  here are sone links

Mary Corbet's video tutorial on french knots, a pistol stitch is just an elongated french knot.

Mary Corbet's fern stitch tutorial video, how to do the center portion of the leaf.  Note, my stitches are long and could be snagged you may want to do outline for all???

Monday, June 21, 2010

monday mystery stitch, the final part


Well, this is the end of another monday mystery.  I had fun.  I hope you did too.  First I apologize for my pictures, I am terrible taking pictures and the lighting is worse.  
Take a look at my examples.  I left the red and cream as is because I was planning for it to be a doily of sorts and have a candy dish sitting in top of it, so no one would see the center anyway.  The rest of them have a finished center.  I embroidered the centers before I got a clean drawing to give you, so they vary slightly, and I intentionally put my own spin on the teal and lime..... If you want the bees, email me and I will get them too you. 
Here you go...............
Trimed for sewing,
DMC498 on cream

my favorite tool when turning curved pieces inside out.....pinking shears, gives you a nicer curve than when you just trim close with regular scissors.
Don't forget to clip corners too. 
This one below is off just a little but close enough, I missed the inside corner slightly.

My candy dish doily, now if I only had a candy dish full of starlight mints.


For this table topper, and less fuss, use the circle rather than trying to sew around each of the petals.  I added jmbo rick rack for fancy edge. I think I forgot the flash, this really is the black and WHITE one, lol!

Next up, black, creams, tans, browns on a tan tone on tone print

For this one I needle turned appliqes it to a black and tan print background, top stitched the applique.  Then

went back added a row of stitching on the background for a little extra detail. I squared this one up to 12.5" cut 3.5, strips, (2-3.5" x 12.5", and 2 pcs 3.5" x 18") cut 2.25 binding strips and managed to join my binding at the bottom the way you are supposed to.......That is something that has eluded me for ever........My mom and the quiltin' chicks have shown me numerous times and it never stuck then last month when I had to bind the snowball quilt I had to ask for help again, but I remembered what they taught me............(If any of you have trouble joining the ends of your binding let me know and I'll do a tutorial.  I need something to remind myself anyway. )

This one is going to be a wall hanging, but if you notice I still have the quilting and tacking down the binding to do yet.

Now for the TEAL & LIME

I made a throw pillow out of this one.  I squared the center up to 11 inches and added corners.  To add corners, cut 2 squares 8.5inches then cut them once on the diagonal.. They are cut oversized.  Find center of edge and center of each triangle and pin, make sure that the "ears that hang over are even.  Sew 1/4"seam.  Now do the opposite corner and repeat finding centers etc with another triangle and sew.  Press open, pushing the seam towards the triangle. Now do the other corners, and repeat the centering, sewing nad pressing with the other corners.  Square up and add pillow back.
As always click on the words below the picture of the diagram to get the pdf for it at google docs.


 You also need some batting scraps.  

Friday, June 18, 2010

SUMMER, has arrived in Missouri!!  It's sooo hot.  Having lived in Nebraska as a kid, the heat here seems much worse because of the humidity.  From what I remember about living in Indiana is that is was like Missouri too, HUMID.  When we visited Minneosta when I was about 10...........humid there too, so I would imagine all of us in the central part of the US are "enjoying" a SAUNA!  And maybe it's my imagination but seems like the day lilies are at least a foot taller this year.  I meant to snap a picture but forgot.  Now I'll have to find you a picture of something else because everyone likes to look at pictures!!, Let me see what I can find..................
how about a link to a cool place.........................look at this cool quilt!!! Go and visit..........

Barbara Brackman, a wonderful quilt historian, designer, author............Her feature for today is Strawberry quilts.  Such a great place for antique quilt information and pictures.  Click on her name and it will take you to her blog Barbara Brackman's Material Culture have fun!! 
talk to you later

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giveaway gift from down under

A little while back, Vicki from Sew Useful Designs  hosted the most wonderful giveaway.  She was giving away 2 hearts she designed for HOMESPUN magazine, a great crafting, sewing, quilting, stitching magazine from Australia.  She also included a copy of the Homespun issue her project was in, 2 fat qaurters and the most special little personalized fabric name tag that she made just for me.  That's right ME, the winner of such a wonderful collection.  I was flabbergasted.  I never am "winner" when it comes to contests.  Thank you Vicki, I love it all!!!!! And my mom loved it and the girls in my quiltin' chicks group loved it all too.  I had to pry the stuff away from them, lol.  You are a wonderful person and very creative artist.   Here's what she sent.  It's so great, so feminine and pretty!! 

Here's a picture of the hearts by the article, the are sooooo cute, who doesn't love pretty fabrics, buttons and hearts!!!!

Vicki, I'm sorry about the next photo the color is WAY off.  I think I forget the flash!  But  look at the backs of these special little hearts.....................

Can you see it?  One them has a special little pocket to tuck secret little notes or small surprises.  She added  such fun little details.  Love it! 
GO VISIT HER, YOU CAN VISIT AUSTRALIA AND ALL HER CRAFTINESS.  BE SURE TO TELL HER HI!  But be quiet, she may be sleeping at this time??  It's about midnight!
Vicki, SEW USEFUL DESIGNS , her own version craftiness from down under!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

monday mystery stitch plus

First off. HAPPY FLAG day!!!!!
Imagine me singing, loudly and off key, because I like to sing loud that is truly the only way I can key.........LOL!!!!!  I am singing the pre-school song from Sesame Street, I believe....................... 
"One of these this not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong.  Can you tell which thing is not like the other, before I finish my
song"........yes, the tan one, and it's NOT FINISHED!!  So sorry, but I am even further behind than you think.  I had hoped to present to you not only the last petal, but finished items and you will have to wait until next monday.  Oh well it's just more anticipation, Theresa, lol!!!!  So far this is how they look, sorry they are not all pressed.

I finished this lime and teal one at about 12:30 last night

finished the black and white about 7:00 last night
the red one has been done since week 1 or 2. 

But several good things happened, I got some of my patterns available to buy as instant downloads from my blog, anyone insterested can see the side bar or scroll to the bottom of the home page.  And this week/weeknd I had some very nice converstions or (emails) with such great creative people Dawn Heese from Linen Closet Quilts, Vicki from  Sew Useful Designs , Judith from Creative Studios  Theresa from Stitchin Friends, and Robin from rsislandcrafts about designs and patterns and selling from blogs.  So great to bounce ideas off of each other.  Theresa is playing along with the monday mystery stitch, check out her stitching. 
Please time go visit all these blogs. There is some great stuff from some really nice creative people!!!!!!
I have to back to go blog hop and stitch, and come back later.  Cyndi

Saturday, June 12, 2010

instant patterns for sale

You can now purchase some of my patterns as an instant download!! FROM HERE!
keep reading...... 

So far the ones available are the complete version of Snowballs, the newest pattern,  Jan's Elves, my most popular pattern, Licorice Twist another favorite and Funflowers, a fun 3-D fabric wallhanging.  If you have any problems please contact me, and we will work it out. Individual Snowballs will be available as soon as I get them all scanned with their covers. The advent blocks will be the same way, which includes the angel pillow and the santa pillow seen below.  The advent tree center and ornaments, the sock monkey book, monster book and Sunflowers will not be availble until they are re-worked. They are on 11 x 17 paper and will need registration marks added to get them to print on 8.5 x 11 paper. 

Jan's Elves version 3 (Elves enjoying a Kansas winter, made with a Kansas Troubles layer cake and some extra fabric for border)  all 3 layout versions are included in the pattern!!!

Jan's Elves version 2, ("Elves waltzing around Tennessee", made with a moda jelly roll) all 3 layout versions are included in the pattern!!!

Jan's Elves the orginal version, made from scraps. all 3 layout versions are included in the pattern!!!

Now people outside the central Missouri area can have them too. YEA!!   I know I'm excited, I hope you are too.  Come back again later if you are looking for some of the other ones......I'm sorry didn't have them all downloaded when I started this.  Email me if you have any problems. 
Scroll to bottom for add to the cart buttons below each pattern that is available.  Make sure you get the right pattern.  read the descriptions under each picture then match names on cart.
come back monday for the monday mystery stitch!!