Wednesday, October 6, 2010

font free for all

I want to introduce you to Kevin and Amanda,  I've know about them for a long time, they will take you own handwriting and turn it into a font.

Now my handwriting is blech, so no way am I doing that, but my sister Missy Backues, a digital scrapbook designer (for several online digital scrapbook places, Design House being one) has the coolest handwriting and several years ago Amanda turned Missy's handwriting into a font for Mis to use and whomever she chose to share it with.  Of course I used it on my patterns as directions or pattern covers see picture below, it's also on my licorice twist header at the moment.  The only thing is she, (Missy, not she Amanda) forgot to do some of the symbols so in the font I use most of the time, there is no ' and no " .  So I can't use contractions and "(inch) measurements, forced me to think a little more about what I was typing while using her font it just leaves a space where character should be.  Recently they re-did her font as a marker type and it is cool too!  Missy even saw that version of her font on a Justice jeans ad, cool HUH!.

 ANYWAY,  not being a scrapper and checking out everything they do, like she does, I was happy plodding along with Missy's first font, not realizing what all was going on over at Kevin and Amanda's...............but look what I just found out................they have put a whole list of blog design tutorials on their over the next few weeks I am going to play with some of the things they have going on over my blog may be different every time you come as I play with different pictures and fonts.  Want to have your own handwriting as a font for your computer???  Want to know some of the secrets of blog design.  Hop over to Kevin and Amanda's I put link on my sidebar too!!  I'll be hanging around there for awhile I think. Have you registered for the 150+Fall into Fall giveaways?  go here to go to mine, click the scarecrow on my sidebar if you need to go to the whole list, good luck you have until October 15.  now I'm      off to go do some more blog hopping, have a good one!!!              


  1. i just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog. I found you in the fall into fall giveaway and have been reading your older posts. Great fun. I will keep following your blog. Thanks

  2. Pretty cool but my handwriting is no the best anymore either.
    Thanks for coming by to see my red hexie flower.


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