Friday, October 15, 2010

one more hour

one more hour left to go ...............
why does time go sooooo slow?????

it 's taking forever,
trying to be clever
counting the hours down,
being a clown,
killing some time
thinking up rhymes,
Has this been fun
 counting down to one,
 can you tell I was bored
 "not a thing"(ha!) to do.
counting down from 5 to 2

or cleaning the kitchen,

yea, but not now,
 no way,
no how........
the dishes will wait a little longer,
while anticpation grows a little stonger.
the witching hour is drawing near,
you might just have a reason to cheer,

now chill,
stand still,  there's more
keep on reading for a chance to score

quick, go here and leave me another note
something funny, what ever floats your boat!
few more minutes to surf

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